Smart mobile software that helps small businesses automate their finances effortlessly

Capture expenses, track time and invoice clients on the go.

Forget the clock, automatically track your time

With Fiskl you can focus on the work, not on the clock. The built-in, easy to use timer with quick save functionality lets you track from anywhere. Whether on mobile or desktop, your timer will always be perfectly synchronised.

Start the timer

Stop paying for time tracking applications

Fiskl is an all-in-one time tracking plus invoicing tool. Save your $9/month spent on Toggl or other time tracking tools and simply use Fiskl.

Start saving money

Reward your loyal customers

If you give your clients preferential rates, simply add the rate to your client in Fiskl and it will always be automatically applied. Keeping your customers happy.

Manage your clients

Bill for every minute
on the job

Use the automated time tracker and see exactly how much time you and your team are spending on clients and projects. Once the job is done, add it directly to an invoice with just a few clicks. Fiskl will also round up your time if you need to bill in time increments.

Keep on top of your tasks

Add your to do list, project tasks and upcoming events / milestones in Fiskl. Every day you will see a snapshot of the day’s tasks and upcoming events so you’re always on top of your business. Keeping everything in one place will help you better organise your days and the whole business.

Never lose track of time

Where does the time go? Before you know it, it’s year end and it’s tax time. Fiskl makes it easy by extracting data showing exactly what you and your team have spent time on.

  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV