See your business performance in less than a minute

Fiskl makes it easy to know exactly how your business is performing. View your business’ health instantly with snapshot reports showing your profit and outstanding revenue right on your home screen.

See money rolling in

Master your cash flow

Do you know exactly your cash flow for the next month? Fiskl gives you a preview of your next 6 weeks of incoming revenue so you can rest easy knowing you can cover all your business costs and payroll.

Get a clear picture of your business

Fiskl’s easy, intuitive dashboard lets you see your key business stats in visual charts, so you are always on top of your finances.

At a glance business overview
  • Export Summary to Excel
  • Export Summary to CSV
  • Export Detail to Excel
  • Export Detail to CSV
  • Export Detail to PDF

Invoice reports

Easily export your invoice data into excel or CSV or quickly download copies of your invoices in PDFs.

Check out your best selling product or service

Give your sales team a boost, using Fiskl, quickly create a sales report so you can see your top-selling propositions and who in your team is selling the most.

Start selling
  • Sales to Excel
  • Sales to CSV
  • List to Excel
  • List to CSV

Know where you left off

Fiskl easily reminds you where you left off in managing your finances.

We know that between client work, phone calls, and other many tasks, you will need a quick hint of your recent activity so you are back into your workflow.

Track your tasks

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