Modern accounting for non-accountants

Simple, intuitive, and automated.
Your daily finances ready at any time

Easy accounts and category management

Customize your chart of accounts according to your business needs and structure.

Add new accounts, edit or customize in any language to align with your year-end financial reports.

Manage equally from mobile or web so you’re always on top of your finances.

Automated transaction management

Fiskl automatically categorizes and processes all bank transactions into accounting.

Match and split transactions to any accounts, add any additional information and keep your accounts updated and ready for the year-end.

Financial reports at your fingertips

Ready-made financial reports for your year-end, with drill-down capability and embedded currency management.

You don’t need an accountant to produce financial reports on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Fiskl gives you daily reporting.

Add your accountant to advise you on business and tax matters rather than simply process data for you!

50% off any yearly Pro or Prime plan
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