Smart mobile softwarethat helps smallbusinesses automate
their finances effortlessly

Capture expenses, track time and
invoice clients on the go.

Fast. Automated. Secure.

Save time and work smarter

Time means money. And why not have both! Fiskl gives you powerful tools to run your small business: automated time tracking, products and services lists and expense scanning make invoicing your clients a breeze.

Send invoices in seconds

With Fiskl, you can send your invoices the second the work is done, wherever you are. Create, preview and email beautiful customised invoices from any device. You’ll get paid faster and have more time for your customers.

Get paid upfront with deposits

No more paying for expenses upfront or waiting until the end of a project to get paid. Request a deposit on your invoice and just relax knowing you’ll get the money you need at the start.

Recurring invoicing

Never forget to send a recurring invoice again! Schedule your regular invoices and Fiskl will do the rest. Fiskl gives you the option to automatically attach any unbilled Time, Expense or Mileage items assigned to your client.

Bill for every minute on the job

Use the automated time tracker and see exactly how much time you’re spending on clients and projects. Once you’ve finished your work, add it directly to an invoice with just a few clicks.

Create and convert a quote into an invoice at a click of a button

Don’t wait until you get back to the office to send your quote, send it straight away using Fiskl. Once the job has been done, simply convert it straight into an invoice and see the money rolling in.

Easy client management

Your client data can be imported directly from your mobile and stored in one place, from here you will see, at a glance, just how much your client has outstanding and if there are any overdue invoices.

Payment gateways

Put an end to payment delays with online payment processing. Accept credit card payments or bank transfers directly from Fiskl on any of the Fiskl plans, including free accounts. Your business can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies.

Expense scanning

Fiskl uses intelligent learning software to help you capture and process your receipts in seconds. Simply point the camera to your receipt or take a photo of it and Fiskl will automatically extract the vendor, date, currency and total.

Smart mileage tracking

Take the guesswork out of your mileage logging! By using the integrated Google Maps and preset mileage rates, Fiskl will do the calculations for you. You’ll have accurate mileage reports at your fingertips.

Make tax time a breeze

By matching your expense with the tax friendly categories already stored in Fiskl, you will know exactly where you are spending your money and you’ll be well ahead at tax time.

Easily bill your client for expenses

With Fiskl, you can assign your expense to a client and directly attach it to an invoice. Billed expenses are clearly marked and any un-billed ones will automatically show up when you invoice your client.

Multi-currency expenses

Track expenses in over one hundred currencies with real-time exchange rates. Bill them to your clients, submit them for reimbursement via expense reports or track tax deductions.

Bank integrations

You can enable download of your business bank account transactions, and Fiskl will automatically record your business expenses so you have a real time view of your cash flow. And no more shuffling through bank statements at tax time!

Retain expenses for 10 years

Encrypted cloud storage automatically and securely stores all your sensitive business documents. We retain all your documents for 10 years and you can always access them. Throw away your shoeboxes of receipts today! 

Time Tracking

With Fiskl you can focus on the work, not on the clock. The built-in, easy to use timer with quick save functionality lets you track from anywhere. Whether on mobile or desktop, your timer will always be perfectly synchronised.

Task tracking in “Your Day”

Keep your business to do list, project tasks and upcoming events/milestones in Fiskl. Every day you will see a snapshot of the day’s tasks and upcoming events so you’re always on top of your business. 

Calendar tracking

Plan ahead your whole month or quarter with events, project milestones or key business and accounting dates. Keeping everything in one place will help you better organise your days and the whole business. Google Calendar integrations are also coming this year!

Status tracking

See the status of all your items at a glance: whether expenses have been billed, quotes have been accepted or invoices that are overdue. Mobile notifications will let you know when any item is overdue, then you can quickly action it.

Expense reports

Enable your staff, contractors or partners to submit expenses in Fiskl for approval and reimbursement. Combined with receipt scanning, this will help you keep track of all other staff expenses and mileage incurred.

Always perfectly synced between mobile and cloud

All your expenses are seamlessly synced via our secure cloud infrastructure. You can always look up a receipt photo, share costs with your accountant or see where what your biggest spend areas are.

At a glance business overview

See how your business is doing in less than 30 seconds and get an instant snapshot of cashflow. Know exactly where you stand financially and plan ahead for what’s next.

Useful graphs and reports

Fiskl makes it easy to know exactly how your business is performing. View your business’ health instantly with snapshot reports showing your profit and outstanding revenue right on your home screen. 

Master your cash flow

Do you know exactly your cash flow for the next month? Fiskl gives you a preview of your next 6 weeks of incoming revenue so you can rest easy knowing you can cover all your business costs and payroll.

Know where you left off

Fiskl easily reminds you where you left off in managing your finances. We know that between client work, phone calls and other many tasks, you will need a quick hint of your recent activity so you are back into your work flow.

Planning for the day

As a business owner you are constantly juggling multiple priorities. Let Fiskl take some of the load off. Our intuitive one screen business view helps you plan each day in the time it takes you to drink a cup of tea. 

Manage staff

It’s never been easier to manage your staff, whether local or off-site. Whether employees, contractors or temporary staff, you can add them to Fiskl and assign them permissions for managing items or billing.

Feature based permissions

As a business owner, you want to empower your staff to track their own items, manage billing or even have full admin rights. Fiskl gives you the flexibility to assign feature level permissions, while you have the full overview of the business.

Easy accountant access
Lighten the workload – your team and accountant work on real-time data.

Invite your accountant to Fiskl so you can collaborate in real time! Assign them admin rights so they can help file your taxes, monitor revenue, expenses and cash flow. In Fiskl, all your numbers are in one place so you can always be confident of the status of your business.

Important dates and custom taxes

Never forget an important financial deadline again! Fiskl can automatically remind you about your all tax filing dates. You can also set events, tasks or milestones in the calendar.

Secure data storage

Fiskl has built in Business Continuity and Recovery. Your data is constantly backed up in our data centres. A few simple steps will recover all your data in the event your mobile or laptop are lost.

Fiskl is available in 155 countries

If you have staff or contractors located in multiple countries, they can all track time, log expenses or invoice from their own location. This way, you always have a live overview of all your staff activity.

Rich mobile apps for modern entrepreneurs

Fiskl helps manage your business on the go from anywhere in the world. No laptop is needed, as Fiskl has all the features supported on its beautifully designed mobile apps.

Over 150 currencies supported

Doing business internationally? With Fiskl, you can easily invoice each customer in their own currency. You can also set custom tax, VAT or GST rates for each country/customer.

Invoice in 60 languages

Send your invoices and quotes in 60 languages or even create your own custom language in less than two minutes. Check out the Fiskl language list

Your business on autopilot

Automated currency conversions are handled seamlessly throughout the app, along with tax and other calculations. European small business? EU VAT numbers and VAT rates for your clients are always synced with the latest EU registries.

Get rid of paper and receipt shoe boxes

You’re a busy entrepreneur: it’s time to leave stacks of printed invoices and shoe boxes full of receipts in the past. You will always have them available in Fiskl’s secure data storage.