Top 5 mobile invoicing solutions on the market

In need of getting paid faster? Did you know that more than 30% of your clients are likely to pay invoices online, especially if you can send them the same day? With this simple trick, you’re 1.5 times more likely to get proper compensation and generate future business.

If you’re representing a start-up, maintaining a positive cash flow is the most important topic on your daily sheet. How you collect payments and organize your time can make or break your business. As mobile technology takes major year by year, now, in 2018, it’s extremely cost-productive for non-accountants, such as yourself, to manage a small business. All you need is the right mobile invoicing app on the market.

But what is the best billing app for you? To save you the time, we have researched the most popular small-business invoicing mobile apps based on key features you should consider when choosing one below.

Here is our top 5 invoicing software mobile apps for small businesses and freelancers in 2018.

1. FreshBooks
2. Invoicely
3. Fiskl
4. Billy
5. Invoice2Go


FreshBooks is one of the popular solutions worldwide, with more than 5 million businesses and freelance accountants worldwide. Having a strong palette of advanced accounting features and extreme ease of use, FreshBooks is ideal for companies looking to custom-brand and fast-track financial documents. Freshbooks offers a free trial plan where you can test all the key features of the software.

The largest drawback for users in using FreshBooks is the price, that is increasing as your client list gets higher. Having a $15 Lite plan, your billing can go to only five clients, and if you add a new active client, which of course exceeds that limit, FreshBooks will charge you an extra $10 in order to upgrade your package to the $25.00 Plus Plan. Hey, if you’re working with a high, active client list you should take this FreshBooks drawback into consideration!

Recently, Freshbooks has released a fully-functional mobile app to support on-field agents and remote teams, with a modern and simplified user interface. Having automated task prioritization and late payment tracking features, Freshbooks has made managing your business much simpler than it used to be.

Allowing online payments, Freshbooks integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout and for “on the field” solutions you can settle accounts with MasterCard, Visa and Amex. In the latest release, you are able to set invoice due dates, charge late fees, and turn on new online payment options.

One great thing about Freshbooks is that, after the last major release, you can switch between the old and new versions of the app, both for novice and experienced users.



Invoicely, a free accounting application designed for small businesses that focus exclusively on billing and accounting, has a fully-suited suite of financial features and business summaries that enables you to keep all your finances under control and always have a clear picture of your business’s health and progress. The same as other mobile-first invoicing apps on this list, Invoicely supports online payments via PayPal, Stripe, WePay, and Mollie, as well as credit cards. Equipped for expense and time tracking, with Invoicely it takes approximately 60 seconds to convert your tracked work into professional and well-organized invoices.

You can automate your workflows with recurrent invoices and automated payment reminders, while it also secures access to your cash-flow information. The system takes into account your taxes, discounts, special offers, and shipping arrangements, and calculates them in your invoice totals with minimal interference. And gives you the possibility to promote your brand, by customizing all your accounting sheets, login screens and invoices.

Pricing: Invoicely has a free plan for sole accountants and small businesses with unlimited invoices and multi-currency billing, but without a few important features, such as time and expense tracking, estimates, and other online payment platforms different than PayPal.


What does Fiskl bring to the table? This mobile-first invoicing app turns boring and time-consuming financial management into an enjoyable experience and shortens the time invested in creating invoices and collecting payments. With Fiskl, you can collect due payments online, via PayPal, Stripe, Google Checkout and future other payment processors or via deposits – a unique feature on the market. Using this great reviewed app, you can put your business finances on auto-pilot, enjoy the free time and stop paying for complex software infrastructure.

What is amazing about Fiskl?

Tracking expenses. Using Fiskl, you can easily track which expense belongs to which client or add the expense to an invoice as a reimbursement deal with a particular client. It is also possible to link the expenses to your bank or credit card account and import expenses directly from your bank. All these features make it really easy to track your company’s day-to-day expenses.

Expense scanning. Fiskl allows you to scan and snap photos of your receipts, and export and analyze all expenses within seconds. This way, you eliminate the hustle and stress of collecting and sorting all your receipts and have more time to focus on other important tasks.

Smart mileage tracking. Fiskl integrates with Google Maps and can track any trip you need to take, making sure that you are correctly reimbursed by the client, due to the accurate mileage reports at your fingertips. Fiskl does all the calculations for you and automatically attaches the mileage costs to your invoice and sends it to your client.

Free and small-business friendly. Fiskl offers a completely free plan for freelancers or small-business owners. You get unlimited access to all of the app features on the free tier plan with a limit of 5 invoices per month. This plan is perfect for graphic design freelancers or businesses with a limited number of active clients.

Mobile-first invoicing solution. Fiskl is a mobile-first invoicing platform and thus comes with native apps for Android and iOS users. This means that you will be able to create, track, and distribute invoices and accept payments on the go.

Interested in Fiskl? Pricing: I strongly recommend to check out the pricing for this amazing mobile invoicing app as I found it offers the best prices on the market. Free tier plan for freelancers with just 5 invoices per month, or an amazing 3.5$/user/month if you’re working with a team.




Billy is an interesting solution for freelancers and small businesses who want professional invoices and are looking for cheap solutions on the market. Although Billy is not a mobile-first invoicing tool, the best plan, as suggested, is $15.00 per month, but most small businesses prefer the Gold plan ($19.00) as you get access to credit card payments directly.

With Billy, you can create invoices on the go in a very user-friendly environment. It was born out of frustration with feature-bloated and complex accounting tools. Billy has accomplished its appeal to non-accountants with a simple, intuitive interface and lack of distractingly complex features. While Billy maintains simplicity in the design, it still offers important, comprehensive features like accounts payable, accounts receivable, and an insightful financial dashboard.

But Billy is not perfect. As a young company, Billy lacks the breadth of integrations (advanced features, online payment gateways or integrations with third-party software the can scan or store your receipts), being a far less productive solution than Fiskl for example. The mobile app also needs improvement. For example, there are no pop-up timers to keep track of project and billing hours.



Invoice2Go is a mobile-first online invoicing platform that gives small businesses all proficient accountancy assets. It enables you to send invoices and quotes on the spot, either using one of their professional templates or crafting one of your own. When it comes to accepting payments, Invoice2Go will function smoothly with a number of leading gateways, but also support direct installments from credit and debit cards. All along the process, it will keep an eye on how the payments are progressing, namely track your invoices (sent, opened, and overdue), time, receipts, and expenses, and prepare some detailed reports on your financial activity.

With Invoice2Go, you can choose from a variety of fully-responsive invoice templates, uploading your business logo, contact data, and desired information. Invoice2Go will also allow you to design unique templates.

The pricing scheme is pretty flexible, as plans start as low as $2 per month, a basic plan with which you can track down unpaid and pending invoices, and set up automatic payment reminders for your customers.

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