Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices are super easy to create and can save you a lot of time and effort.

You can create them from new or you can convert any invoice you have already created into a recurring invoice.

Creating one from new:

1. Create the invoice you would like to repeat on a schedule.

2. Using the settings at the top of the invoice page select the option “Make recurring”

3. Then enable recurring if not already enabled and you are presented with options on how you want your recurring invoice to behave.

4. There are several settings to select from on this option, depending on your business and invoicing needs.

Make invoice recurring

  • Next  issue date: This is the date you want  the first invoice to be sent
  • How often: You have the options of weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or custom.
  • Every: Available only on custom and gives you the option to select for example twice a year.
  • Remaining: This is how many invoices you want to send. If you were sending one invoice a  month for the year you would set this to 12. This value will count down as your invoices are sent.
  • Send invoices automatically: When it’s time for the next invoice in the sequence to be created the invoice will be created and sent automatically. You won’t need to intervene in the process but you will get an email 24 hours in advance giving you a heads up what’s happening.
  • Create draft invoices and send manually:  The only difference with this option is that you have to send the invoice yourself. This is useful if you always want to make changes to the invoice.
  • Show email info: Allows you to change the default recipients and also add bcc recipients.
  • Include unbilled items: Automatically attaches any unbilled client items such as expenses to your invoice

5. Once you are done you return to the invoice. The difference now that recurring is enabled is the “Send” button is now “Start” which will put the sequence into action.

6. What do you see in your invoice list?

  • You will see your scheduled invoice in the list. It will have some information on when it will be sending. In the example below the invoice was set to send immediately but can take a few minutes to process.

  • After a short while, you will see the actual invoice and the schedule will have been updated.

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