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Fiskl needs you!

We want to connect Fiskl with thousands of other systems out there using Zapier but do we need your help. We had a lot of customer requests to build a Fiskl Zapier app and although we did build one a while back we never managed to prioritise it enough to release it. 

The plan for the Fiskl Zapier integration

Zapier requires new apps to spend time in beta getting real user feedback. They also require the app is kept simple and recommend no more than 3 triggers to begin with.  Now we need you to try out the Fiskl app in Zapier (beta) and to give us your feedback.

We we want to build integrations that you actually need so your feedback and suggestions are crucial.

Zapier Fiskl Invite

How to collaborate?

You can contact us on and I was thinking of opening up a public Slack channel to discuss Zapier requirements but I am open to alternative suggestions.


A Zapier app consists of the following high-level elements:

  • Triggers – A trigger is the starting point of every Zapier app and our Fiskl app uses Webhook triggers. In Beta they allow three triggers as a start.
  • Actions – A trigger watches for new or updated data and that gets the ball rolling. Everything that happens with the data from the trigger is done by Actions.
  • Creates & SearchesAction steps can find and/or create items in apps. The most common actions are Create actions and Search actions. Create actions create items as their name suggests and searches find data in the applications.

Reacting to Invoices changes:

This is where we focused our attention on the beta app.

  • Triggers
    • Invoice created or updated
    • Invoice deleted
    • Invoice status changed
  • Searches
    • Invoice search
  • Creates
    • calendar – Create calendar events/tasks in Fiskl. To make this useful we will need to enhance our calendar/task offering and add the ability to search for an existing task to update
    • client – Create a client in Fiskl. More useful but we will need to add a search function to allow updating of Clients

Zap examples:

At the moment the flows that are truly useful are the Invoice triggers. Some examples of what you might like to do:

  • Keep a google spreadsheet of all invoices. Adds new rows, updates rows and deletes or marks the invoice as deleted in the row.
  • Send slack message when your invoice has been created, updated or deleted.
  • Send slack message when your invoice status has changed. Paid, rejected or deleted.
  • Send a slack message when our invoice is overdue and create a task in Google Tasks.
  • For overdue and rejected invoices create a JIRA task and assign it to someone to follow up.

Zap ideas:

  • Create all line items like Time/Mileage/Expenses/Products
  • Time is very useful as we have some users who have to use a different time tracker so we could link the two together
  • Payment notification and fee notification. Especially the new payment schedules and recurring invoices we could create a trigger with all the payment info including fees. This will be very useful for failed or delayed payments when using non card payments like ACH and SEPA
  • Quote triggers


  • If your Fiskl account uses Google or Apple login you will need to go to your user preferences and set a password against that login to use with Zapier so that we can do the Zapier OAuth link between Fiskl and Zapier.
  • Zapier only allows 2 steps per zap on the free account. This means you cannot do the spreadsheet lookup to update as this adds a second step.
  • In beta we cannot provide Zap templates so you have to build your Zap from scratch. This can be super easy or a bit tricky when keeping a spreadsheet in sync with your Fiskl account. But we can help with some suggestions.
  • Fiskl tasks are currently too simplistic to have much value linking the Fiskl/Google/Apple calendars. We plan to enhance our calendars that will make this more useful integration

Accounts & Test Environments:

  • There are currently two Fiskl apps in Zapier
  • Fiskl 1.0.0 – This is the live account and the one you should use with your Fiskl account.
  • Fiskl 0.0.1 – This is for our staging testing environment. If you would prefer to use this contact me on for credentials. Useful if you want to test it without updating your live account. Zapier is only available to paid accounts although I may change that if there is demand. 

Your suggestions:

We need your suggestions to build useful integrations. It’s fine for us to pick the stuff we like but really, we want to build what you need.

So please help by sending us your requirements via live chat in the Fiskl app.

Thats all!

We’re only limited by our imagination so let’s build this!

A big thank you from us at Fiskl!


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