Doing business internationally? 150+ currencies supported in Fiskl

More and more entrepreneurs are expanding their business across the globe, in order to get paid faster, it’s important to invoice clients in their preferred currencies.

Trading in multiple currencies will speed up payment and your clients will avoid paying currency conversion fees charged by their credit card company. Your clients are more likely to return if paying you is easier and cheaper than the competition.

Create and send international invoices in less than 2 minutes using Fiskl, an intelligent finance manager for small businesses. Fiskl supports over 150 currencies using the automated daily spot rate. You can also choose to set a custom exchange rate as your default should you prefer to use your own.

Fiskl gives you the flexibility to set your currency as default across the app or choose a different currency for each invoice. Check out the list of 150+ currencies supported by Fiskl.

If you have international customers and sell into different markets, invoicing in multiple currencies is a must. Not only will it give you a wider client base, but you’ll be able to increase your overall profit.

Multi-currency is available on all Fiskl plans including the Free plan.

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