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What’s included

Everything you need to manage your small business finances, team and clients from any smartphone.

Invoice anytime, anywhere

Create and send custom branded invoices from your mobile phone, tablet or web in under 2 minutes, using WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage, or email.

Automatically generate recurring invoices, schedule payments, and take credit card payments on mobile or online.

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Invoice anytime, anywhere

Products & Services catalog

Keep all your product lists in one place with the Fiskl product catalog feature. Add product details including product images, description and associated taxes.

Create a services list with reference prices and issue an invoice in just a few clicks.

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Take online & mobile payments

Whether on mobile on online, you can take touchless payments from your customers worldwide in 135 currencies with Stripe, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Fiskl automatically tracks all gateway payments, notifies you and records paid invoices in Fiskl.

Take online & mobile payments

Create estimates for clients

Don’t wait until you get back to the office to send your customer an estimate, with Fiskl you create one directly from your mobile.

Provide a project overview and set terms and conditions so your client knows what to expect right from the start of the project.

And when the project is complete, convert your estimate to an invoice with one click.

Small Business Benefits

Manage your finances on the go

Manage your finances on the go

All Fiskl features and integrations are fully supported in its mobile app, so you can manage your finances from any smartphone or tablet and also from the web.

Real time
business overview

Review all your finances and action items in less than 15 minutes a day. Whether on the road or in between client meetings, Fiskl’s mobile app helps keep you on top of your business.

Save time with automation features

From recurring invoices, scheduled payments, automated client items, payment and other integrations, Fiskl saves customers on average 2h a week with automation.

Empower your team

Empower your team to track and manage items within Fiskl while retaining control of your full financials. With permission rights, you no longer have to be the one managing it all.

All in one application

Using multiple applications to manage your business? Fiskl covers everything including product catalog, time, mileage and task management and much more.

Built for the business owner

Built for the business owner

Unlike complex accounting systems, Fiskl is designed to be intuitive and easy to use by anyone, without any accounting knowledge or financial training.

Instant expense scanning

Use your smartphone to instantly scan expenses on the go. Fiskl will automatically extract the vendor name, date and purchase total.

Fiskl supports expenses in over 150 currencies with automatic mid-market rate currency conversion on all pricing plans.

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Invoice anytime, anywhere
Team collaboration
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Team collaboration

Easily manage your team, whether they’re local or remote and empower them to track their own items.

Add your employees, contractors or temporary staff to Fiskl and assign them different levels of permissions for managing items or billing. Give access to your accountant to collaborate live and make the year end tax filing a breeze.

Track business performance

Fiskl makes it easy to know exactly how your business is performing in real time. View your business’ financial status instantly with intuitive graphs and snapshots directly from your smartphone.

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Invoice in 60 languages

Selling in other local languages or internationally? Send estimates and invoices  to your clients in 60 languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, Nepali, and Gujarati.

Customise your invoice fields and labels to invoice in any local language in less than 2 minutes.

Schedule invoices and payments

Save precious time with automation features.

Send your recurring invoices automatically, tell Fiskl to add any unbilled client items and schedule payments to give your customers more flexibility or to manage payments at each stage of a project.

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Track time from anywhere

Use the automated time tracker and see exactly how much time you and your team are spending on clients and projects. Once the project is complete, add billable time directly to an invoice.

Fiskl is fully synchronised across all your devices, so the timer will keep running even if you run out of phone battery.

Log your vehicle mileage

By using the integrated Google Maps and pre-set mileage rates, Fiskl’s smart mileage tracking will do the calculations for you.

You’ll have accurate mileage reports for your entire team readily available for client billing or for year-end tax deductions.

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  • How do I redeem the Vi special offer?

    1. From this special Vi customer page, click any button to access the Fiskl registration.
    2. Register with email address and password and complete registration.
    3. Vi offer is automatically applied.
    4. On the navigation menu, go to Subscriptions & Billing and select one of the Fiskl plans on the next screen.
    5. The Vi special price is shown once a plan is selected
    6. Complete the subscription payment via credit card.

  • How long do I have to redeem the special Vi offer?

    The 50% off any plan limited time offer must be redeemed within 30 days of registration.

  • Does Fiskl support India GST and tax requirements?

    Fiskl supports India invoicing requirements for GST invoices and multi-tax structure. Customers can fully customise taxes on the Fiskl app, with name, percentage, tax code and assign them to any product or service. Customers in India can invoice in INR (Indian rupees) and another 135 other currencies.

  • What languages does Fiskl support?

    All invoices and quotes along with the client payments pages have 60 languages built in, including Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, Nepali, and Gujarati.

    All languages can be customised and new languages added directly by the user. So if you need to issue an invoice or quote in another language in India, simply select add another custom language to add any of the following: Assamese, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Telugu, Bodo, Santhali, Maithili and Dogri

  • What currencies does Fiskl support?

    Fiskl supports 153 currencies with live exchange rates, including Indian Rupees (INR) – for the list of currencies see the Knowledge Base,

    Any item in Fiskl can be processed in the above currencies, and while the customer’s business will have a default currency, they can change the currency at invoice level as well for a particular invoice.

    Fiskl supports automated currency conversion, with the ability to change the currency conversion if required for an invoice at item level.

  • How is Fiskl different to Zoho Invoice?

    Fiskl is a mobile-first financial solution, which means small businesses can manage their finances simply from your mobile as all features are supported on both iOS and Android.

    Fiskl supports dedicated products and services catalogs, to speed up invoicing. Fiskl has all features integrated, while some competitors need multiple apps. Here’s a quick comparison against alternative products in the marketplace:

    Zoho Books:

  • How do I download Fiskl?

    After redeeming the Vodafone Idea offer customers can download Fiskl from the Appstore, Google Play or via the web (

  • Where can I get more information or support?

    Link to Fiskl Knowledge Base:

    Contact Fiskl directly using the Live Chat within the app or by emailing

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