Available on Solo, Pro and Prime plans.

When we send an email on your behalf we set your company email address as the reply-to address and your company name as the Display name. In most cases this is sufficient but if you would like us to use your address as the from email you can choose to whitelist your domain.

This is an advanced feature available to subscribed accounts only and will require that you enter four records into the DNS record (Domain Name System) of your domain.

In Invoice Settings set the email you would like us to use:

Once you choose to validate your email we will send you an email with the values you need to add to your DNS. Note that we actually validate the domain and not the email so if you change your email at a later stage you will not need to update the DNS again.

In the unvalidated stage, you can choose to refresh or resend the email with the instructions which will show the status of the TXT and CNAME verification.

There is a time limit of 72 hours before we stop checking your DNS and in this case just delete the email using the X and re-add it.

You need to periodically check to see if the email has been validated. It can take up to 48 hours but normally it’s less than 15 minutes.

You can safely use the resend option as this will not change any of the values and some additional status information.

Once it’s validated you will no longer see the pending or resend options and we will use this as the from email in all our communications on your behalf.

Troubleshooting Guide

Trying to whitelist an email that can not be whitelisted?

You can only whitelist an email “domain” that you own. You can not whitelist domains like “gmail”, “aol”.

Domain not verifying after a long time?

The most common reason for this is how your DNS provider processes the name part of the transaction.

For example, we send you the following record:

  • Name: d4fck3yfk7uj46n3ei7jqzefavwql54e._domainkey.yourdomain.com
  • Value: d4fck3yfk7uj46n3ei7jqzefavwql54e.dkim.amazonses.com

Your record should look like this: Name: d4fck3yfk7uj46n3ei7jqzefavwql54e._domainkey.yourdomain.com

However, your DNS provider will sometimes add “.yourdomain.com” to the end so if you’ve also added it then your record will not work and will incorrectly appear as follows:

  • d4fck3yfk7uj46n3ei7jqzefavwql54e._domainkey.yourdomain.com.yourdomain.com

If this is the case you should remove “yourdomain.com” and just add:

  • Name: d4fck3yfk7uj46n3ei7jqzefavwql54e._domainkey

Repeat this with all four of the “Name” values, save your DNS and check if it validates.

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