Its easy to view, delete or change your clients profile.

  • There are various ways to search for your client, either search (using the search bar), scroll or tap on the alphabet on the right of the screen to find your client.
  • Tap on your client’s name to view more details.
  • This will then bring up their basic profile, which shows a total figure of the client’s invoices over the last 365 days along with a graph breaking down the status’ of their invoices. This screen also shows basic contact details.
  • To view the entire information for your client or make changes, tap on the edit icon.

To pull up a list of invoices relating to your client by their status, simply tap on the status under the line graph.

To delete your client, simply open your client, tap on edit at the top right and scroll to the bottom of the screen to tap “Delete client”.

  • Search: Type in your key search word into the search bar to find your client.
  • View your client:  In the initial client list, you can easily see the basic details of your client including client name, country, contact name, email, and phone.
  • Delete client: By clicking on the 3 green horizontal dots next to the client, click on delete.
  • To save your changes: Click save at the bottom right.

Click on “New Invoice” button next to your clients name to quickly create a new invoice.

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