The user menu allows you to edit your profile, customise certain functions of Fiskl including changing its appearance to the dark theme and provides you with key support information.

This menu is divided into User Settings, Preferences, Contact support, What’s New, Knowledge base, Terms of service and Privacy policy. If you swipe the menu left you can switch between your other Fiskl accounts.

Sign out of Fiskl: Go to the user menu and “Logout”.


Depending on your preference for using your device, there are 3 ways to access the user menu:

  • Tap on the user button at the top right of the homescreen.
  • Tap the three vertical green dots at the top right of every list screen.
  • Swipe left from the edge of your screen anywhere in the app.

The user menu can always be found at the top right of your screen wherever you are on Fiskl.

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