Accounting is available on Pro and Prime plans

A transaction is an accounting entry into your books. There are always two accounts or more involved. It can be either a single line transaction or a split transaction. It shows increase (IN+) or decrease (OUT-) in the account you view your transaction and the other account you selected or split lines with many accounts created.

From the accounting menu you can view the list of transactions for an account, select that account on top of the list and select the period you would like to show your transactions for.

From here you can:

  • Create new IN+ and OUT- transactions.
  • Add transaction details: date, name, category or match, tax (where required), amount, vendor, client and description.
  • Split transaction and match invoice, invoice payment or expense.
  • Record your internal transfer between money accounts.
  • Remove duplicates for internal transfer only.
  • Unmatch document.
  • Add an attachment to your transaction.
  • Import your bank statements using .csv, ofx., qif. file formats.
  • Delete your transaction.
  • Search your transactions by name.
  • Filter transactions list by category.
  • Sort by date column.
  • See your running balances.

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