In time you can quickly log your time spent on your project or client using a timer which keeps track so you don’t have to.

There are two ways by which you can log time:

  • Use a real-time counter, when finished your task, you can quickly save without getting into detail.
  • Enter a pre-recorded time – create a new task and enter a pre-recorded time.

Click on Time within the sidebar to bring up a list of all your time items. From here you can quickly start the timer, round your time up, log it and quick save it, plus you can also search, filter, edit, add to a new or existing invoice, duplicate, delete, export and create a new time item.

The list provides a useful graph displaying the amount of time you have worked this week, it also shows the name of the time item, client, total amount, price per hour, total time and whether or not it has been billed.

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