We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with leading banking provider, Yodlee. Yodlee gives our customers secure access to real-time banking data for the United States, Canada and South Africa. This increases Fiskls bank coverage from 6,000 to a whopping 21,000 banks in 70 countries.

Yodlee connects your bank accounts and automatically pulls your transactions into Fiskl. Fiskl will automatically match and categorize your transactions in order to keep your accounts updated and ready for tax season.

Some major banks in North America are driving towards Open banking so have strictly limited their access to just a couple of providers. As a result, our current provider, SaltEdge has had to reduce their services in this region, along with Canada and South Africa where Yodlee is the core provider. This means that many of our bank connections using SaltEdge are no longer available, however, if you have one or more SaltEdge connections in any of these countries you can continue to refresh your existing connections but any new ones will need to be done using Yodlee.

If you are connecting your bank for the first time then you will be automatically directed to use Yodlee.

Connecting your bank to Fiskl using Yodlee:

  1. Go to “Banking” from the main Fiskl menu.
  2. Click on “Connect”
  3. Select or search for your bank by entering the name of your bank.
  4. Enter your ID and password
  5. Your accounts will be listed, click “Save & Finish”, if you would like to add more than one bank account click “Save & link more accounts”
  6. Your accounts will then be connected
  7. Click “Transactions” on the bank account card to go to your Chart of Accounts where you’ll see all your transactions automatically categorized.

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