Keep your invoices on brand by creating your own custom invoice and email templates.

Does your company have a portfolio of products with multiple brands? Using Fiskl, you can easily create invoice templates for your company along with each brand.

Go to “Templates & Brands” within the Fiskl main menu.

  • Tap on the plus button to create a new template.
  • Enter a template name and choose a theme.
  • Tap “Change fonts and colours” to make your invoice your own.
  • Tap “Change brand for this template” to change brand for your template.
  • Tap “Attachments” to add documents or images to your template.
  • Save your template to add it to your list of templates.
  • Assign a default template: Swipe left on mobile or mark it on your desktop.
  • Delete a template: Swipe left on mobile or click on the “x”.
  • Edit a template: Click on the template to open and edit.

You can also change your template at invoice level by going to Invoice Settings within your invoice. See invoices section for more details.

Send your own custom emails

Customise your own emails for sending invoices, requesting partial payments, deposits or overdue payments.

  • Simply go to Template & Brands from the main menu.
  • Select the brand you wish to add your emails to.
  • Scroll to Emails section.
  • Complete the templates by selecting any of the automated fields.

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