At Fiskl we believe pricing should be fair and that you should always have access to your data even if you cancel your subscription.

Fiskl has two types of accounts, Free and Paid. For the paid accounts there are a number of tiers, Solo, Plus, Pro & Prime which differ only by the number of users on the account.

Because we believe in fair pricing if you subscribed to Plus which has three users and you disable two of the users you will automatically be moved to the cheaper Solo when your subscription renews. Similarly, if you are on Solo which only has one user and you add two more you will be bumped up to Plus at a pro-rata rate. We will notify you 24hrs in advance to allow you to reverse the decision if it was a mistake.

We are freelancers and small business owners too, so we understand that sometimes you just need to take a break. We designed the subscriptions to allow you to move from any paid to the free plan. Better yet, you can still invoice up to 5 invoices a month and have access to all your data on your free account. Then when you need those premium features again you can just jump back in again.

If you add more users than your current plan you will be automatically upgraded. We will let you know 24hrs in advance and you can reverse the upgrade within this time

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