Within Company Settings you can create or remove taxes and customise how you show your tax on your invoice or quote, click on your company name at the top left of your screen, and select “Company Settings” from the main menu.

  • Tax type: You can set your tax type by default by choosing “No tax”, Standard, Multiple or Compound.
  • Default tax: Set your default taxes here.
  • Manage taxes:  Click on the small right arrow for a list of all existing Tax/VAT percentages.
    • To edit existing tax:  Click on the required tax, on mobile a pop up box will appear for you to edit the Tax/VAT name and the percentage amount, press save to change the tax in the list or on desktop simply overtype the fields.
    • To delete an existing tax: Swipe left, a delete button will then appear or on the web press the x button.
    • To add a new tax:  select “add new” at the top of the screen, this brings up a pop up box, enter a name for your new tax/VAT, then the tax/VAT percentage and press save.  This new tax will also be added to the existing list.
    • Click on the back button to return to Company Settings.
  • Time name template: Customise the name of your time items by choosing from a selection of fields.

Once your company settings are complete, press save at the top right corner or on desktop click anywhere in the app to exit and save settings.

If you would like to change your taxes in different invoices, quotes or items, click on the settings icon within the invoice or quote, or change the tax directly in the item.

By setting your default taxes Fiskl will then always calculate your expense taxes automatically when needed.

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