Once you have signed up, it’s easy to add your key company and invoice settings to Fiskl. These settings will then be automatically used throughout the app. If you are in hurry you can always do this later by going to the main menu and selecting Company settings or invoice settings.

Review your company settings

  1. Add your company number
  2. Company email
  3. Choose your industry from the drop down list
  4. Add your company address and country
  5. Click on “Next”

Review your accounting settings

  1. Add your Tax or VAT number
  2. Main Tax name (for example GST, HST etc)
  3. Click on the calendar icons to select your Fiscal year end and Tax filing date (this will particularly help when filtering items across Fiskl)
  4. Select your Tax filing frequency
  5. Choose your Company tax type, No tax, Standard, Multiple or Compound.
  6. In Fiskl, you can send invoices and quotes in 60 languages, add your language using the drop down list.

Make your invoices your own

Click on “Upload company logo” to add your own logo (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif) which will appear on all your invoices and quotes or select one from our library.

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