To help Fiskl manage your finances, add some information in Company Settings and the app will prefill fields across the app.

  • Registration number: In case you wish to display your company registration number on your invoice you can add it here.  This is your registration number for your company and is country specific.
  • Tax/VAT number: Enter your Tax/VAT number in case you are required by regulation to show it on your documentation.
  • Main tax name: If you need to display a different Tax label on your invoice, for example GST, ABN, then enter the relevant initials into this field and the initials will then automatically appear on the invoice before the clients Tax/VAT registration number.
  • Fiscal year end: Click on the calendar icon to select and save the date of your financial year end.
  • Sales Tax/VAT filing frequency: Use the drop down arrow to select frequency of your Tax/VAT filing.
  • Sales Tax/VAT filing start date: Click on the calendar icon to select and save the date of the start of your Tax/VAT filing.

Once your company settings are complete, if using mobile, press save at the top right corner, or on your desktop, click anywhere on the menu and your changes will be saved.

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