Within Invoice Settings from the main menu you can add default text that you would like to show in your invoice as well as set default payment terms.

  • Payment info: Here you can add your account and payment details, this will automatically appear on your documents such as invoices.
  • Payment terms: In order for your invoices to automatically enter the payment date, enter your payment terms in days and Fiskl will calculate your payment due dates for each invoice.
  • Notes: Add any standard text you would like added to your invoices or quotes.
  • Payment Terms (Days): Enter your standard payment terms in days, when you start a new invoice, the due date will be automatically set as per the days entered here.
  • Manage invoice languages: Send invoices and quotes in 60 languages or customise your own. See Select language for invoices and quotes section.
  • Validate your custom domain email: Send invoices and quotes from your own email account. See Whitelist your email domain section.
  • Default bcc email: Set a default bcc email for every sent invoice.

Once your invoice settings are complete, press save at the top right corner or if using the web, simply click anywhere in the app to save the settings.

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