Edit a scheduled recurring invoice

To edit a recurring invoice, go to Invoices within the main menu and click on the required scheduled invoice, simply change the status from “Scheduled” to Paused, the invoice is then ready for any changes. On Mobile simply click on the padlock and change status or on the web click on the status icon at the top of the opened invoice screen.

Understand status’ of your quotes

Quotes status’:   All: All quotes (this tab is selected by default). Open: Quotes which have been created but not sent. Pending: Quotes which have been created and sent but haven’t been accepted or rejected by the client. Overdue: Quotes which have passed their valid until date. Accepted: Quotes which have been accepted by the client. Rejected – Quotes which have been rejected by the client. Converted: Quotes which have been converted into an invoice. Scheduled: Recurring invoice scheduled to be automatically sent.