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  • Understand status’ of your quotes

    Quotes status’:   All: All quotes (this tab is selected by default). Open: Quotes which have been created but not sent. Pending: Quotes which have been created and sent but haven’t been accepted or rejected by the client. Overdue: Quotes which have passed their valid until date. Accepted: Quotes which have been accepted by the client. Rejected – Quotes which have been rejected by the client. Converted: Quotes which have been converted into an invoice.

  • Convert your quote to an invoice

    Quickly convert your quote into an invoice at a click of a button. A new invoice will be created with all the information from your quote, simply tap on save and send to your client. The status of your quote will be changed to converted and no further changes can be made to the quote itself.

  • Add or Edit existing items to your quote

    From within your quote, you can easily add an item which you have already created: Edit an existing item:

  • Add new expense to your quote

    To add a new expense to your quote: If you used your mobile to capture your receipts then some of the fields will already be pre-filled. Vendor: Company that you’re sending the quote/invoice to. Date: This is the date when the item was purchased. Category: To help you identify where your money is being spent, tap on the down arrow to select a category relating to the type of expense. Currency: By default this is the currency which was selected in Company Settings, to change this just tap on the down arrow to make your selection. Expense Total: This is the total of your expenses inclusive of Tax/VAT. Expense included tax: Automated taxes: Make sure your default tax type is set in Company Settings (see Manage your … Read more

  • Re-order position of quote items

    Using the web you can change the order of how your items will appear on your quote: Select the items you would like to re-order. Click on “Re-order” at the top right of your Quote line items section. The selected checkboxes will be changed to a re-order icon, drag the item to where you would like it placed.

  • Delete multiple items or edit tax for quotes

    Using the web, you can change taxes or remove multiple line items in one go from within the quote line items section of your quote. Tick the relevant checkboxes and select “bulk edit”: To delete: Just click on “Delete from quote” To change tax: Click on “Edit tax” for your pre-populated list (as per your company settings) Select preferred tax, all the taxes in the selected lines will then be changed. To create a new tax, click on the down arrow, a pop up box will appear, type the name of your new tax/VAT and the percentage. Press save, your new tax will be shown in your tax list going forwards. It will also be applied to all selected lines. … Read more

  • Change currency for your quote

    To change the default currency for your quote, simply select the settings icon at the top of the screen, select “Langauges and Currency”, here you can choose which currency would like to use.

  • Add existing mileage to an invoice or quote

    From the Mileage list, it’s easy to add an existing trip to an invoice.