Getting started

Are you wasting valuable time on invoicing, expensing, and sorting the finances for your business? Then look no further, Fiskl will help you take your business to new heights! Designed with a ‘mobile first’ approach Fiskl enables you to manage your business from your pocket!  It is available in 110 countries, has the ability to invoice in 60 languages along with a multitude of features, here’s just a few: Manage users: Assign permission rights to your team and your accountant. Invoices: Get paid faster with payment integrations with Stripe and Paypal. Recurring invoices:  Never forget to send your regular invoices again. Quotes: Create a quote and quickly convert it to an invoice. Expenses: Scan your receipts whilst on the move. … Read more

Navigating Fiskl

Now you are all set, let’s have a quick look at where we’ve placed things in Fiskl so you can find your way round without any fuss. Homescreen:  A handy overview of your company’s sales, invoices, expenses, your upcoming payments, tasks and events plus a lot more. Sidebar: Menu which allows you to switch between different areas. To access this on your mobile simply tap on the Fiskl icon. Quick create:  To quickly create new items, either tap on the plus button on your mobile homescreen or click on the plus next to the item. Notifications: Provides useful reminders such as expected or overdue payments, recent Fiskl activity, along with new features or updates for Fiskl. User button:  This can be found at the … Read more

What’s new

Phase 2 of Scheduled invoice updates 06.08.2019 Phase 2 of scheduled invoice updates for mobile and web. Fantastic update with new screens for managing recurring invoices. It’s now a lot easier to see which invoices were created as part of a schedule and also to make changes to the schedule. Bulk delete options 06.08.2019 We have added bulk delete of Clients per popular request. We will be adding more bulk options in other lists. Added metadata to Stripe Payments 06.08.2019 We have added metadata to the Stripe invoice payments to make it easier to link the payments to the Fiskl invoice. We even managed to add links back to Fiskl from your Stripe payment. New actions menu on the preview … Read more

Payment method, info and notes

From within the invoice you can add the following: Payment by Stripe or cash If you are connected to Stripe (see Payment Integration section for more information), the Stripe checkbox will automatically be checked giving your client the ability to pay by credit card. If you prefer to be paid by another method, for example, cash, simply uncheck the check box. Payment Info If you haven’t already saved your payment information in Company Settings then you can add your account details and payment terms here. It’s also possible to edit any information by just clicking in the field. Notes If you have saved any notes for your invoices then this will be automatically prefilled with the information you provided in Company … Read more

Edit invoice name, number and dates

Edit your invoice name and number By default, the invoice number and name are auto-generated however its easy to change them to make it easier for your clients to identify their invoices. Add dates to your invoice Within the new invoice screen you can add key dates such as the invoice date, due date and sale date: Invoice date: This can be the current, past or future date, simply click on the calendar icon. Invoice due date: If you have entered your standard payment terms in Company Settings then this will be automatically completed, however to change it click the calendar icon to select the date for when you expect payment. Sale date: Should you be required to show the date of the … Read more

Payment Integrations

As well as getting paid by cash you can also choose to get paid using the payment gateways, Stripe and Paypal.  This keeps the whole payment process online and is makes it easy for both you and your customer. Hover over or click on your company name and then go to Integrations.