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  • Import your expenses

    If you have some expenses already saved in a spreadsheet, you can import these over to Fiskl so all your expenses are in one place. On desktop: Click on “Import expenses”. Attach your CSV file. Match the column headers from your CSV file to the field names in Fiskl. Click on “Import”. A screen will appear for you to preview your import data. Click on “Import”. You will receive confirmation that your expenses have been imported to Fiskl.

  • Recording a payment

    To record a payment against your invoices, go to Invoices from the main menu, from here you can select “Add a payment”. If you have made changes to your paid invoice, the status of your existing payments will be cancelled, but will show as ready to restore. If you are happy with your existing payments, or need to amend your payments, then simply click on “Restore” and your payments will again be applied to your invoice. Delete your payment

  • Add new expense to your quote

    To add a new expense to your quote: If you used your mobile to capture your receipts then some of the fields will already be pre-filled. Vendor: Company that you’re sending the quote/invoice to. Date: This is the date when the item was purchased. Category: To help you identify where your money is being spent, tap on the down arrow to select a category relating to the type of expense. Currency: By default this is the currency which was selected in Company Settings, to change this just tap on the down arrow to make your selection. Expense Total: This is the total of your expenses inclusive of Tax/VAT. Expense included tax: Automated taxes: Make sure your default tax type is set in Company Settings (see Manage your … Read more

  • Delete or duplicate your expense

    From the expenses list, using your mobile, swipe left, or click on the 3 horizontal dots on the web for the following options to appear: Delete: This deletes the entire expense. IOS users: Swipe right to delete. Duplicate: This opens a duplicate screen, you can then edit and save to create a new expense.

  • What’s new

    Categorise your bank transactions 27 August 2020 Fiskl will automatically categorise your transactions against accounting categories, however, if the transaction isn’t an obvious match, it’ll be marked as an uncategorised income or expense. You can also manually categorise the transactions, review and exclude any non business related transactions. New account categories for quotes and expenses 27 August 2020 Quotes and expenses now use the new account categories which replace the previous ones. Add a default hourly rate for your client 27 August 2020 If you give your clients preferential hourly rates, simply add the rate to your client in Fiskl and it will always be automatically applied. Banking integration 8 July 2020 Connecting your bank and credit card accounts to … Read more

  • Homescreen Overview

    Homescreen The homescreen is the first thing you’ll see when you sign into Fiskl.  It gives you a picture of your company’s finances, upcoming payments, outstanding invoices, expenses, upcoming tasks and events plus much more. Your total sales graph This depicts your total sales for the last 6 months, by tapping on the line of the graph above the month, you can see the total sales for that month. Your day This is your plan for the day. On initial sign in, you can add your first task by clicking the green action button. If you have tasks or events already scheduled, click on the green action button to review.  Recent activity This shows what you have recently done on Fiskl. … Read more

  • How does my client pay?

    Your client can easily pay you using their credit card, bank transfer or cash. Pay by credit card or bank transfer Once you have sent your invoice, your client will receive an email or notification with the invoice attached. Your client opens the invoice and if a Payment Gateway has been selected, your client clicks on the relevant payment option above the invoice and is taken to a dialogue box requesting payment details. Clients can change the payment amount should they wish to just pay a portion of the total amount owing.  The invoice will reflect the new totals. You’ll then receive a notification in the notifications bar that your invoice has been paid along with email confirmation. Your invoice … Read more

  • Add existing expense to an invoice or quote.

    From the expense list, it’s easy to add an existing expense to an invoice or quote.