Recurring invoices

To ensure you receive your regular payments, set up a recurring invoice and Fiskl will do the rest. Fiskl can either create and send automatically or if you prefer, you can create automatically and you’ll receive a notification for when your new invoice is ready to be sent so you can make any changes and send manually. Fiskl will keep you automatically informed of when your invoice is sent and when the next one is due, so you’ll get paid quicker. When setting up a recurring invoice, you can choose to automatically attach any unbilled items related to your customer, such as expenses, to future scheduled invoices.

Homescreen Overview

Homescreen The homescreen is the first thing you’ll see when you sign into Fiskl.  It gives you a picture of your company’s finances, upcoming payments, outstanding invoices, expenses, upcoming tasks and events plus much more. Your total sales graph This depicts your total sales for the last 6 months, by tapping on the line of the graph above the month, you can see the total sales for that month. Your day This is your plan for the day. On initial sign in, you can add your first task by clicking the green action button. If you have tasks or events already scheduled, click on the green action button to review.  Recent activity This shows what you have recently done on Fiskl. … Read more

Recording a payment

To record a payment against your invoices, go to Invoices from the main menu, from here you can select “Add a payment”. If you have made changes to your paid invoice, the status of your existing payments will be cancelled, but will show as ready to restore. If you are happy with your existing payments, or need to amend your payments, then simply click on “Restore” and your payments will again be applied to your invoice. Delete your payment

Fiskl Payments General FAQs

Why should I accept credit card payments online for my invoices? Accepting credit cards with Fiskl will help you maximise the cash flow in your business and save on transaction costs. Get paid 6x faster with online payments via Credit & Debit card. Take advantage of low cost payments, with no monthly or hidden fees. Maximise cashflow with Same-Day Deposits at no additional charge for Chase bank accounts. What is Fiskl Payments? Fiskl Payments is the newest hassle-free way for you to accept credit card payments online for your invoices. Designed with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind, and powered by Chase. Fiskl Payments lets you skip all the headaches associated with getting paid online, while reaping all the benefits: … Read more

Fiskl Payments Pricing Info

Fiskl Payments – has two different fee structures, one for fiskl accounts with an active paid subscription and one for fiskl accounts on the free plan. USA Fees – Paid accounts Card transactions – 2.8% + 25c ACH transactions – 0.9% + 30c Other fees Chargeback USD$15.00 USA Fees – Free accounts Card transactions – 3.4% + 25c ACH transactions – 1.2% + 30c Other fees Chargeback USD$15.00 Canada Fees – Paid accounts Payment Card Type: (These are the most common domestically issued card types and processing methods. They do not represent all the possible fees and variations that are charged to the merchants). Visa Consumer Credit Visa Infinite Visa Infinite Privilege Visa Business Visa Business Premium Visa Corporate Visa Prepaid Visa Debit … Read more

Setting up Fiskl Payments

Fiskl Payments is the newest hassle-free way for you to accept both credit card payments online and bank transfers for all your invoices. Fiskl Payments is currently available to users in the US and Canada. The person who signs up must be a financial representative of your company and must be an account holder on the bank account you plan to receive your funds into. Its easy to set up Click on your company name at the top left of the screen and select Integrations. Once you have clicked on “Connect” simply enter your name, email address and password and click on “Grant Access”, you will then receive a verification email from “Fiskl via WePay”, click on “Confirm your email” … Read more