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  • Edit your bank account

    It’s easy to customise how your bank account appears in Fiskl, you can easily rename it and add a description. Go to Banking from the main menu. Tap on the Edit icon. Make changes to relevant fields. Save.

  • General company information

    From within Company Settings its easy to add your general company information such as your logo and address details. Company Logo: Your logo image will appear on all your documentation such as your invoices. If you didn’t add your logo when you signed up, you can insert your logo here by choosing a picture from your mobile or file from your desktop. Name: This can either be your company name (or your own if you are self employed).  This field will already be pre-filled using information you entered on signing up, it can be easily edited from here if need be. Business type: This will already be pre-filled as before, to change it,  delete the existing entry then click on the … Read more

  • Preview and send your quote

    Once you have completed your quote, you can easily preview and send your quote. Preview your quote Create a link for your quote If you would like to text or email your customer with a link to their quote, click on “Actions” on your desktop or tap on the two green lines above the send icon on your mobile to select “Copy link”, this will copy into your device clipboard. Send your quote by Whatsapp and Telegram If you would like to track if your client has read your quote, you can easily send your quote by Whatsapp or Telegram by ensuring your mobile number is in Company Settings and tap on the Whatsapp or Telegram icon. Send your quote … Read more

  • Select language for invoices and quotes

    In Fiskl you can easily send invoices and quotes in 60 languages (see Available languages section within this guide, in Invoice Settings from the main menu, you can add your own default language or customise it to suit your requirements. To select a pre-set language from our language list: Go to Invoice Settings from within the main menu and select “Manage languages”. Select the down arrow to bring up the list of 60 languages to select your required language and select the back button to go back to Invoice Settings and save. The fields in the Invoice or quote PDF will automatically change to your selected language. If you would like to add a new language or customise an existing … Read more

  • Set your accounting information

    To help Fiskl manage your finances, add some information in Company Settings and the app will prefill fields across the app. Registration number: In case you wish to display your company registration number on your invoice you can add it here.  This is your registration number for your company and is country specific. Tax/VAT number: Enter your Tax/VAT number in case you are required by regulation to show it on your documentation. Add custom Tax ID label: If you need to display a different Tax label on your invoice, for example GST, ABN, then enter the relevant initials into this field and the initials will then automatically appear on the invoice before the clients Tax/VAT registration number. Fiscal year end: Click on the … Read more

  • Manage your tax settings

    Within Company Settings you can create or remove taxes and customise how you show your tax on your invoice or quote, click on your company name at the top left of your screen, and select “Company Settings” from the main menu. Custom Invoice Tax Label: If you prefer to customise your tax label in the invoice or quote, then just enter the label name, for example GST, VST, HST, this will then appear in the relevant tax fields in the invoice sent to the customer. Tax type: You can set your tax type by default by choosing “No tax”, Standard, Multiple or Compound. Manage taxes:  Click on the small right arrow for a list of all existing Tax/VAT percentages. To edit … Read more

  • Add a new client

    To add a new client, go to the Client list, click on +New Client or the green plus icon on your mobile, here you can enter the following information: Click on the relevant fields to input your contact details. To add the country, click on the down arrow to select the required country. Not all fields need to be completed, only the client name and email are necessary. To save your changes, click save at the bottom right.

  • Preview and send your invoice

    Once you have completed your invoice, you can easily preview and send your invoice. Preview your invoice Create a link to send to your customer If you would like to text or email your customer with a link to their invoice, click on “Actions” on your desktop or tap on the two green lines above the send icon on your mobile to select “Copy link”, this will copy into your device clipboard. Send your invoice by email Press send via email button to bring up the email screen: To: this will be pre-filled with the client details you entered when you added your client to Fiskl, this can be easily changed by editing the field.  To add an additional email. … Read more