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  • Create your own emails

    Create your own emails for sending invoices, requesting a deposit or partial payments and overdue reminders. Simply go to Template & Brands from the main menu. Select the brand you wish to add your emails to. Scroll to Emails section. Complete the templates by selecting any of the automated fields. Your clients will automatically receive your customised emails.

  • Templates & Brands

    Keep your invoices on brand by creating your own custom invoice and email templates. Does your company have a portfolio of products with multiple brands? Using Fiskl, you can easily create invoice templates for your company along with each brand. Go to “Templates & Brands” within the Fiskl main menu. Tap on the plus button to create a new template. Enter a template name and choose a theme. Add your logo, you can adjust sizing by clicking on the slider. Choose to hide your Tax ID and Company ID from your invoices. Tap “Change fonts and colours” to make your invoice your own. Tap “Change brand for this template” to change brand for your template. Tap “Attachments” to add documents … Read more

  • Your banking transactions

    Easily review all your transactions and help your accountant quickly identify which transactions to include in your accounts. Connect your bank account. See Connect your bank account within this guide. All your transactions will appear, from here you can review, export, set categories, filter, sort and identify non business related transactions and more. Fiskl will automatically categorise the transactions however, if the transaction isn’t an obvious match, it’ll be marked as an uncategorised income or expense.

  • Edit your bank account

    It’s easy to customise how your bank account appears in Fiskl, you can rename it and add a description. Go to Banking from the main menu. Tap on the Edit icon. Make changes to the relevant fields. Tap on Save.

  • General company information

    From within Company Settings its easy to add your general company information such as your logo and address details. Company Logo: Your logo image will appear on all your documentation such as your invoices. If you didn’t add your logo when you signed up, you can insert your logo here by choosing a picture from your mobile or file from your desktop. Name: This can either be your company name (or your own if you are self employed).  This field will already be pre-filled using information you entered on signing up, it can be easily edited from here if need be. Business type: This will already be pre-filled as before, to change it,  delete the existing entry then click on the … Read more

  • What’s new

    Import your expenses 4 June 2021 Import your expenses from your .CSV file directly into Fiskl Delete multiple expenses 4 June 2021 Bulk delete multiple expenses. Recurring invoices will be sent at 07:00 4 June 2021 We’ve listened to our customers. Recurring invoices will be sent automatically at 07:00. Updated release for web 4 June 2021 Packed with lots of UI/UX updates including retracted menu tips, added currency to expenses CSV imports plus much more Templates and brands update 27 May 2021 Switch between brands directly from the invoice form or choose to send an invoice when opening your template or brand from the main Fiskl menu. Recurring invoices has its own menu item 27 May 2021 We’ve added a … Read more

  • Preview and send your quote

    Once you have completed your quote, you can easily preview and send your quote. Preview your quote Create a link for your quote If you would like to text or email your customer with a link to their quote, click on “Actions” on your desktop or tap on the two green lines above the send icon on your mobile to select “Copy link”, this will copy into your device clipboard. Send your quote by Whatsapp and Telegram If you would like to track if your client has read your quote, you can easily send your quote by Whatsapp or Telegram by ensuring your mobile number is in Company Settings and tap on the Whatsapp or Telegram icon. Send your quote … Read more

  • Importing your client from Excel or CSV

    Using your mobile, it’s easy to import your clients from a CSV or Excel file directly into Fiskl. Simply tap on the import icon at the top right. Choose your file from the location options for example Dropbox. Once you’ve selected your file, you can assign the column titles in your CSV/Spreadsheet to the relevant field and select add at the top right hand corner. If you would like to combine more than one column into the selected field, then simply switch the multiple selection toggle on at the bottom of the screen and then tap on the required column names. You’ll receive a notification that your items have been added.  You can then review your imported clients in your … Read more