Setting up your organisation

Company name or your own name if you are self employed. Select your country. The currency is set by default to your selected country however if you use a different currency tap the drop down. arrow for a list of all worldwide currencies. Select your industry from the drop down arrow. Enter your Tax/VAT number. If you have an offer or Partner code, enter it here. Click on Update account and congratulations you now have a Fiskl account! Just two small steps and you are ready to go, although if you are in a hurry, these last steps can be skipped and completed later. Add your company address, the country will be prefilled with the country you selected on sign up, … Read more

Default rate for mileage

Within Preferences you can set your default mileage and travel unit: Mileage rate:  This is your rate per mile/kilometre, the figure will always be the currency already pre-selected in Company Settings. Click on the field to enter the rate. Travel unit:  To select your preferred travel unit, tap on the small down arrow to select KM or Miles.

Log time and quick save

If you are in a hurry, to save time you can log the time and carry out a quick save.  Your time is then stored so if you need to enter additional information you can do so at a later date. From within the Time list: Select play to start the counter. When you’ve finished, select pause to stop the counter. If you’d like to round up your time, drag your finger down the time list and the time intervals will appear. Select the relevant button and your time will be automatically rounded up. Select “Log time” button, you will be prompted for the following: Name: This is pre-filled with a name for quickness, but if you prefer, you can … Read more

Create new time item

From the Time list, tap on the green plus button or select “Add new Time” from your desktop, a new screen will appear with the following: Time: Click on the counter, then type the time you would like to record into the relevant section, if you wish to reset the counter back to 00:00 press the reset button. Name: This is the name you would like to assign to this time item, eg project support. Client: In order for the time item to be easily invoiced it’s important to add your client, click on the down arrow, you can either select an existing client or create a new one (for more details on adding clients see Clients section in this guide). Billing unit: This is set to … Read more

Create a new product or service

From the Product & Services menu you can create a new product or service. You will then be asked to complete the following (not all fields are mandatory): Name: This is the name of your product or service. Unit: This is the unit of the product or service, eg: “Pack of 6 bottles” for a single unit – “litre” or for service “hour”. Currency: This is selected by default using the information provided in company settings. To change the currency for this particular product or service, click on the down arrow next to currency. Price/rate: This is the price of the product or service per unit. Invoice specific Tax: This is the tax type, ie, No Tax, Standard, Multiple or Compound which is … Read more

Default rate for time

Within Preferences you can add your billing rate and unit: Billing rate: This is your standard rate for the time billed against your clients, this figure will always use the currency pre-selected in your company settings. Click on the field to enter the rate. Billing unit: This is set to hours by default.

Create an expense

Using Intelligent Learning software on your mobile, Fiskl allows you to capture and attach receipts to your expenses no matter where you are. Attach your receipts If you used your mobile to capture your receipts then some of the fields will already be pre-filled. Vendor: Company that you’re sending the quote/invoice to. Date: This is the date when the item was purchased. Category: To help you identify where your money is being spent, tap on the down arrow to select a category relating to the type of expense. Currency: By default this is the currency which was selected in Company Settings, to change this just tap on the down arrow to make your selection. Expense Total: This is the total of your expenses inclusive … Read more

Create a new mileage item

You can easily create a new mileage by using Google maps or simply entering the details manually. Use Google Maps Enter manually or use your odometer Other information You’ll be asked to enter the following information (not all fields are mandatory): Name: This is the name you would like to give your mileage. Date: This is the date of your trip. Client: This is your client that you are assigning your trip to, select the down arrow for the list of your clients, you can also add a new client if it doesn’t appear by clicking on the add new button. For more details regarding adding clients, see Clients section in this guide. Mileage unit: This is by default your mileage unit (km or … Read more