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  • Change currency and exchange rate for your invoice

    Change currency To change the default currency for your invoice, simply select the settings icon at the top of the screen, select “Languages and Currency”, here you can choose which currency would like to use. Change exchange rate Fiskl exposes the exchange rate for each currency in the invoice that differs from your invoice currency and allows you to set the rate you need. In the same way as changing the currency go to Languages and Currency and change the exchange rate fields accordingly.

  • Change currency for your quote

    To change the default currency for your quote, simply select the settings icon at the top of the screen, select “Langauges and Currency”, here you can choose which currency would like to use.

  • Add, change or view discount or currency applied to your quote

    You can easily apply or change a discount to your quote as well as change the currency of your quote total.  

  • Apply reverse tax to invoice items

    If you need to have the tax included or excluded in the price then this can be done simply by toggling between the include or exclude icons. This works on all items in the invoice including multiple currency invoices, multiple and compound tax items.

  • Create Non-invoice income

    To record your Other income, simply, follow these quick and easy steps: From the main menu, select Non-invoice income. Recording income relating to non revenue generated income (eg. interest earned) To create a new entry, tap on the green button on your mobile or start entering details at the top of your desktop screen. Select the relevant Income category, eg Dividend income. Enter the amount, if you’d like to change the currency click on the currency icon. You can add a description and attach a file from your device or cloud storage, Save your Non-invoice income and it will be automatically assigned a name. Recording income relating to revenue generated sales (eg Service/Fee income) Follow the same steps as 1 … Read more

  • Fiskl Payments General FAQs

    Why should I accept credit card payments online for my invoices? Accepting credit cards with Fiskl will help you maximise the cash flow in your business and save on transaction costs. Get paid 6x faster with online payments via Credit & Debit card. Take advantage of low cost payments, with no monthly or hidden fees. Maximise cashflow with Same-Day Deposits at no additional charge for Chase bank accounts. What is Fiskl Payments? Fiskl Payments is the newest hassle-free way for you to accept credit card payments online for your invoices. Designed with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind, and powered by Chase. Fiskl Payments lets you skip all the headaches associated with getting paid online, while reaping all the benefits: … Read more

  • General company information

    From within Company Settings its easy to add your general company information such as your logo and address details. Company Logo: Your logo image will appear on all your documentation such as your invoices. If you didn’t add your logo when you signed up, you can insert your logo here by choosing a picture from your mobile or file from your desktop. Name: This can either be your company name (or your own if you are self employed).  This field will already be pre-filled using information you entered on signing up, it can be easily edited from here if need be. Business type: This will already be pre-filled as before, to change it,  delete the existing entry then click on the … Read more

  • Add new expense to your quote

    To add a new expense to your quote: If you used your mobile to capture your receipts then some of the fields will already be pre-filled. Vendor: Company that you’re sending the quote/invoice to. Date: This is the date when the item was purchased. Category: To help you identify where your money is being spent, tap on the down arrow to select a category relating to the type of expense. Currency: By default this is the currency which was selected in Company Settings, to change this just tap on the down arrow to make your selection. Expense Total: This is the total of your expenses inclusive of Tax/VAT. Expense included tax: Automated taxes: Make sure your default tax type is set in Company Settings (see Manage your … Read more