Getting started

Are you wasting valuable time on invoicing, expensing, and sorting the finances for your business? Then look no further, Fiskl will help you take your business to new heights! Designed with a ‘mobile first’ approach Fiskl enables you to manage your business from your pocket!  It is available in 110 countries, has the ability to invoice in 60 languages along with a multitude of features, here’s just a few: Manage users: Assign permission rights to your team and your accountant. Invoices: Get paid faster with Fiskl Payments and integrations with Stripe and Paypal. Recurring invoices:  Never forget to send your regular invoices again. Quotes: Create a quote and quickly convert it to an invoice. Expenses: Scan your receipts whilst on … Read more

Signing Up

Signing up to Fiskl couldn’t be easier, either go to the app on your mobile or visit Choose how you would like to connect to Fiskl If connecting by email, simply enter your email address, click on continue, create a password, and then on the next screen you’ll be asked for your company name. To get you off to a quick start, you can enter some basic information which will be used across the app. Select your industry Add your default currency Enter your company address At the next step, you can make your invoices your own by adding your logo or choosing one from our libryar So that you get paid faster, the next screen enables you to connect … Read more

Navigating Fiskl

Now you are all set, let’s have a quick look at where we’ve placed things in Fiskl so you can find your way round without any fuss. Homescreen:  A handy overview of your company’s sales, invoices, expenses, your upcoming payments, tasks and events plus a lot more. Sidebar: Menu which allows you to switch between different areas. To access this on your mobile simply tap on the Fiskl icon. Quick create:  To quickly create new items, either tap on the plus button on your mobile homescreen or click on the plus next to the item. Notifications: Provides useful reminders such as expected or overdue payments, recent Fiskl activity, along with new features or updates for Fiskl. User button:  This can be found at the … Read more

Navigation in the list screens

The home page for each area has a list screen which has been cleverly designed so you can easily: View any existing item by clicking on the item. Check on the status of your items (where applicable). Create a new item by selecting the green add new button. Search for an item (pull list down for mobile search bar). Create filters by clicking on the filter button at the top right. Export your items by clicking on the export button at top right. The “B” icon shows the item has been billed. The “R” icon shows the item is reimbursable. The “BR” icon shows the item has been billed and is reimbursable. Easily identify the status of Items such as … Read more

Permission levels/user roles

Business Owner:  Can create and see all items, clients and invoices across all users in the business, manage users and can access subscription and billing  Admin:  Can create and see all items, clients and invoices across all users in the business and manage users  Billing user:  Can create and view all items, clients and invoices that the user has raised  User:  Can create and view items (time, mileage and expenses) that the user has raised.

What’s new

View or edit exchange rates 07.04.2020 If you invoice in multiple currencies, the exchange rate, which is automatically applied, is clearly shown on the invoice. On web, you can manually change the rate by clicking on the exchange rate under price/rate. Cc support for emails 17.03.2020 If you need to send additional copies of your invoice then you can simply Cc as well as Bcc them on emails. You can set default Cc in clients too. Stripe India support 17.03.2020 Stripe India required additional verification of shipping address which has now been built into the invoice. Zapier App released 17.03.2020 The first version of our Zapier MVP has been released. We’d love to know what you think as your feedback … Read more


Invoicing is a quick and easy way to bill your clients either by using the information you’ve already entered in Fiskl or adding fresh information for example a new client, product/service or an item such as an expense. Fiskl automatically creates an invoice which you can send to your client by email, Whatsapp or Telegram. Using Fiskl you can keep on top of your recurring invoices by scheduling automated recurring invoices, create a payment schedule so you get paid at the agreed intervals, change language or settings for your invoice plus a lot more.  The invoice list screen is a great way to see all your invoices in one place along with the total invoice amount for the last 365 … Read more