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  • Import bank statements

    You can import your bank statements into money accounts for reconciliation and accounting. Visit your online banking website and download an electronic statement for your bank or credit card account in any of these file types: .qif .ofx .csv. From “Accounting” navigate to a money account either via “Transactions” or “Chart of Accounts”. Select your account, tap on more, and select “Import”. Tap on the plus button and select your import file from your device. You will see a preview of your file. For .qif .ofx all you need to do is select import. However, for csv imports, we will require a bit more help from you. For CSV files follow the few quick steps below: Choose where your import … Read more

  • Connect to Instant Bank Pay (GoCardless)

    In addition to Direct Debit, GoCardless has recently released an exciting update to their payment ecosystem called “Instant Bank Pay” available in the UK (coming soon to the Eurozone and United States). Instant Bank Pay is a compliment to recurring payments allowing you to confirm bank to bank payments instantly. Fiskl seamlessly uses Instant Bank Pay in parallel with Direct Debit collecting the first payment in a recurring invoice or payment schedule using Instant Bank Pay but setting up the direct debit in the background so that subsequent payments are automatically collected.  For detailed FAQ’s please click here for more information.

  • GoCardless & Instant Bank Pay FAQ

    Fiskl has partnered with GoCardless to offer the safest and most affordable way to pay invoices using GoCardless innovative bank to bank payment system. With GoCardless you can invoice and get paid from international clients including UK, USA, the Eurozone, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and support GBP, EUR, SEK, DKK, AUD, NZD, CAD and USD currencies. GoCardless has recently released an exciting update to their payment ecosystem called “Instant Bank Pay” Instant Bank Pay is only available in the UK but GoCardless and Fiskl have plans to release Instant Bank Pay to the Eurozone and the United States in the near future. How does GoCardless work? You can collect one-off or regular payments through Fiskl by connecting … Read more

  • Your banking transactions

    Easily review all your transactions and help your accountant quickly identify which transactions to include in your accounts. Connect your bank account. See Connect your bank account within this guide. All your transactions will appear, from here you can review, export, set categories, filter, sort and identify non business related transactions and more. Fiskl will automatically categorise the transactions however, if the transaction isn’t an obvious match, it’ll be marked as an uncategorised income or expense.

  • Banking

    Connecting your bank and credit card accounts to Fiskl is a great way to keep track of both your income and expenditure. You can connect to multiple banks with multiple currencies choosing from over 5700 banks across the globe. Fiskl has partnered with Salt Edge to deliver a seamless and secure connection to your bank accounts. Click here for a list of all supported banks

  • Disconnect your bank account

    If you no longer require your bank or your bank accounts to be connected to Fiskl, go to Banking on the main menu: To disconnect your bank account: Tap on edit at the top right of the bank account card you wish to disconnect. Switch the Toggle next to Connected to disconnect your account. The bank account will appear in a white card clearly marked as disconnected, should you change your mind and wish to re-activate the account simply swipe the Disconnect toggle

  • Connect your bank account

    Salt Edge, Fiskl’s third party connector, can help you to quickly connect Fiskl to your bank account. All accounts you set up will appear in the Banking section. You can set up multiple bank accounts with multiple currencies. Tap on “Banking” in the main menu. Tap on “Connect Bank”. Enter your bank’s name, click here to see the list of banks Fiskl supports. Enter your bank’s login credentials and tap on “Proceed”. Tap “Confirm” to grant Salt Edge consent to access your bank data. Salt Edge will begin connecting to your bank account You’ll be taken back to your Bank Connections. Saltedge has a user dashboard which can be accessed by To access it for the first time you need … Read more

  • Edit your bank account

    It’s easy to customise how your bank account appears in Fiskl, you can rename it and add a description. Go to Banking from the main menu. Tap on the Edit icon. Make changes to the relevant fields. Tap on Save.