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  • Zapier integration

    About Zapier Zapier can help you connect all the tools you need to run your business, whether it’s your marketing, project management or even a simple spreadsheet. Zapier brings internet super strong powers to Fiskl by enabling you to connect Fiskl with 1500+ other popular web apps, like Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Sheets and hundreds more. It’s time to say goodbye to manual work and automate your workflow. Triggers and actions Using triggers and actions you can setup Zaps (a connector between two services) to automate the never ending tasks between Fiskl and other tools. Triggers – A trigger is the starting point of every Zapier app and our Fiskl app uses Webhook triggers. Actions – A trigger watches … Read more

  • Zapier

    We are in beta in Zapier. Please join the beta so we can make the Fiskl Zapier app live. More info where you will find the invite link

  • Track your payments and invoices

    Easily track your payments and invoices on either your mobile or laptop by going to Calendar in the main menu. From here you can automatically see at a weekly or monthly calendar view, all your invoices, payments, key financial dates (such as your Fiscal year end).

  • Integrations

    In addition to our payment integrations we have also integrated with Zapier, so that you can easily integrate with the other apps you use to manage your business.

  • Fiskl Payments General FAQs

    Why should I accept credit card payments online for my invoices? Accepting credit cards with Fiskl will help you maximise the cash flow in your business and save on transaction costs. Get paid 6x faster with online payments via Credit & Debit card. Take advantage of low cost payments, with no monthly or hidden fees. Maximise cashflow with Same-Day Deposits at no additional charge for Chase bank accounts. What is Fiskl Payments? Fiskl Payments is the newest hassle-free way for you to accept credit card payments online for your invoices. Designed with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind, and powered by Chase. Fiskl Payments lets you skip all the headaches associated with getting paid online, while reaping all the benefits: … Read more

  • What’s new

    Useful metrics and helpful tips added to the invoice list 9 July 2021 To make it easier for you to see the status of your invoices we’ve added some key metrics to the invoice list along with some helpful tips. Checkout the invoice list from the main menu. We’ve created some new “how-to” videos 9 July 2021 Check out our latest how-to videos to accompany the knowledge base: Change your invoice appearance Install the Android or IOS app Use custom emails Use messaging over email Use custom languages One invoice, multiple payments Change payment methods Recurring invoices Use your own domain Create a proforma invoice 9 July 2021 Create a proforma invoice by marking the checkbox for “Proforma” under the … Read more

  • Testing a new post

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  • View your tasks

    Keep track of your tasks by going to the Calendar in the main menu.