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  • Recurring invoices

    To ensure you receive your regular payments, set up a recurring invoice and Fiskl will do the rest. Fiskl can either create and send automatically or if you prefer, you can create automatically and you’ll receive a notification for when your new invoice is ready to be sent so you can make any changes and send manually. Fiskl will keep you automatically informed of when your invoice is sent and when the next one is due, so you’ll get paid quicker. When setting up a recurring invoice, you can choose to automatically attach any unbilled items related to your customer, such as expenses, to future scheduled invoices.

  • Select language for invoices and quotes

    In Fiskl you can easily send invoices and quotes in 60 languages (see Available languages section within this guide, in Invoice Settings from the main menu, you can add your own default language or customise it to suit your requirements. To select a pre-set language from our language list: Go to Invoice Settings from within the main menu and select “Manage languages”. Select the down arrow to bring up the list of 60 languages to select your required language and select the back button to go back to Invoice Settings and save. The fields in the Invoice or quote PDF will automatically change to your selected language. If you would like to add a new language or customise an existing … Read more

  • Understand status’ of your invoices

    Invoice status’:   All: All invoices (this tab is selected by default). Open: Invoices which have been created but not sent. Sent: Invoices which have been created and sent but haven’t reached their due date. Overdue: Invoices which have passed their due date. Paid: Invoices which have been paid. Partially paid: Invoices which have been partially paid Rejected: Invoices which have been rejected by the client. Paused: Recurring invoice which is waiting to be sent. Scheduled: Recurring invoice scheduled to be automatically sent.

  • Search, Filter and view your invoices

    Within the invoice list you can easily search, filter and view your invoices.

  • Invoices

    Invoicing is a quick and easy way to bill your clients either by using the information you’ve already entered in Fiskl or adding fresh information for example a new client, product/service or an item such as an expense. Fiskl automatically creates an invoice which you can send to your client by email, Whatsapp or Telegram. Using Fiskl you can keep on top of your recurring invoices by scheduling automated recurring invoices, create a payment schedule so you get paid at the agreed intervals, change language or settings for your invoice plus a lot more.  The invoice list screen is a great way to see all your invoices in one place along with the total invoice amount for the last 365 … Read more

  • Zapier integration

    About Zapier Zapier can help you connect all the tools you need to run your business, whether it’s your marketing, project management or even a simple spreadsheet. Zapier brings internet super strong powers to Fiskl by enabling you to connect Fiskl with 1500+ other popular web apps, like Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Sheets and hundreds more. It’s time to say goodbye to manual work and automate your workflow. Triggers and actions Using triggers and actions you can setup Zaps (a connector between two services) to automate the never ending tasks between Fiskl and other tools. Triggers – A trigger is the starting point of every Zapier app and our Fiskl app uses Webhook triggers. Actions – A trigger watches … Read more

  • Edit your invoice settings

    Within Invoice Settings in the main menu, you can add your default payment information, whitelist your email domain so Fiskl can send your invoices or quotes using your email account and select the language you would like to send your invoice in.

  • Fiskl Payments General FAQs

    Why should I accept credit card payments online for my invoices? Accepting credit cards with Fiskl will help you maximise the cash flow in your business and save on transaction costs. Get paid 6x faster with online payments via Credit & Debit card. Take advantage of low cost payments, with no monthly or hidden fees. Maximise cashflow with Same-Day Deposits at no additional charge for Chase bank accounts. What is Fiskl Payments? Fiskl Payments is the newest hassle-free way for you to accept credit card payments online for your invoices. Designed with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind, and powered by Chase. Fiskl Payments lets you skip all the headaches associated with getting paid online, while reaping all the benefits: … Read more