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  • Setting up Fiskl Payments

    Fiskl Payments is the newest hassle-free way for you to accept both credit card payments online and bank transfers for all your invoices. Fiskl Payments is currently available to users in the UK, US and Canada. The person who signs up must be a financial representative of your company and must be an account holder on the bank account you plan to receive your funds into. Its easy to set up Click on your company name at the top left of the screen and select Integrations. Once you have clicked on “Connect” simply enter your name, email address and password and click on “Grant Access”, you will then receive a verification email from “Fiskl via WePay”, click on “Confirm your … Read more

  • Add or change payment method

    If you would like to add or change your payment method for your invoice, click on the settings icon and select “Add payment method”, you will then have the option to connect to your payment gateways.

  • Connect to your Paypal account

    Once you have selected Integrations, you will be taken to a screen with the option to connect to your Paypal account. Click on Connect to Paypal by the Paypal logo to be taken to the Add Paypal form, enter your Paypal email address and then click “Add Paypal” You are then ready to go.

  • How does my client pay?

    Your client can easily pay you using their credit card, bank transfer or cash. Pay by credit card or bank transfer Once you have sent your invoice, your client will receive an email or notification with the invoice attached. Your client opens the invoice and if a Payment Gateway has been selected, your client clicks on the relevant payment option above the invoice and is taken to a dialogue box requesting payment details. Clients can change the payment amount should they wish to just pay a portion of the total amount owing.  The invoice will reflect the new totals. You’ll then receive a notification in the notifications bar that your invoice has been paid along with email confirmation. Your invoice … Read more

  • Connect to an existing Stripe account

    To connect to your Stripe account, go to “Integrations” in the main menu: Simply click on Connect to Stripe. Enter your credentials. Click on connect my Stripe account and its all connected.

  • Setting up a Stripe account

    If you are based in the Netherlands and have Stripe connected you can also connect to Ideal. Start accepting credit, debit, and other payment methods for your online business in minutes. Stripe works with Fiskl to process payments from your customers and makes sure you get paid fast. Once you have selected Integrations, you will be taken to a screen with the option to connect to Stripe. Click on Connect to Stripe button to be taken to the Stripe Account Activation form on their website. Complete all relevant information. Click on Authorise access to this account. You are then ready to go.

  • Payment Integrations

    As well as getting paid by cash you can also choose to get paid using the payment gateways, Fiskl Payments (powered by Chase), Stripe, GooglePay, ApplePay and Paypal.  This keeps the whole payment process online and makes it easy for both you and your customer. Hover over or click on your company name and then go to Integrations.

  • Signing Up

    Signing up to Fiskl couldn’t be easier, either go to the app on your mobile or visit Choose how you would like to connect to Fiskl If connecting by email, simply enter your email address, click on continue, create a password, and then on the next screen you’ll be asked for your company name. To get you off to a quick start, you can enter some basic information which will be used across the app. Select your industry Add your default currency Enter your company address At the next step, you can make your invoices your own by adding your logo or choosing one from our libryar So that you get paid faster, the next screen enables you to connect … Read more