To record a payment against your invoices, go to Invoices from the main menu, from here you can select “Add a payment”.

If your client has paid using a Payment Gateway the payment will be recorded automatically, any fees will also be saved individually within Expenses.

  1. From the invoice list, swipe left on the required invoice to select “More”.
  2. Tap on “Add payment”.
  3. The invoice total and outstanding amount will always appear by default.
  4. Enter the payment amount and the date of payment.
  5. Tap on the blue arrow to choose your payment method.
  6. If you have incurred any payment charges then enter the amount.
  7. If you would like Fiskl to automatically save the payment charge as an expense then tick the checkbox the toggle on underneath the payment charge. You will find your new expense for this charge pre-populated in the expense menu.
  8. Add any notes relevant to this payment.
  9. If you would like to attach a file you can either attach an image from your media library, a file or simply take a photo and attach it to your payment.

The status of your invoice will change to either “Paid” if your client has paid in full, or “Partial” if they paid a portion of the invoice.

You can also record a payment by opening the invoice, on the preview screen tap on the green lines above the send button and select Payments, a list of payments will appear and you can “Add new”.

  1. From the invoice list, click on the 3 horizontal dots to select “Add a payment”.
  2. Invoice info will appear at the top of the screen.
  3. Under Payment details enter the payment amount.
  4. Click on the blue arrow next to payment method and choose required method.
  5. Click on the calendar to enter the date of payment
  6. If you have incurred payment charges then enter the amount here.
  7. If you would like Fiskl to automatically save the payment charge as an expense, check the box which will appear under the payment charge field. You will find the pre-filled expense within your expenses from the main menu.
  8. Add any notes within the description.
  9. You can attach a PDF, PNG or JPEG to your payment by clicking on “Attach file”.
  10. Press save to complete your record.

If you have made changes to your paid invoice, the status of your existing payments will be cancelled, but will show as ready to restore.

If you are happy with your existing payments, or need to amend your payments, then simply click on “Restore” and your payments will again be applied to your invoice.

Delete your payment

  1. IOS users: Swipe right to remove.
  2. Android users: Swipe left to remove.
  1. Simply click on the x to delete.

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