Once you have completed your quote, you can easily preview and send your quote.

If you would like your quotes to be sent from your own email account, validate your email address in Invoice & Quote Settings from the main menu. See “Invoice & Quote Settings” section of this guide.

Preview your quote

  1. Once you have pressed save, this will take you to a preview screen where you can see how your quote will appear to your client. 
  2. To create a link to your quote simply click on the two green lines for the menu options to appear.
  3. If you would like to go back to make changes, just tap on the edit icon at the top right of your sceen to go back to the quote screen. 
  4. To exit and return to your quote list, tap on the cross at the top left and your quote will appear at the top of the list with an Open status.

To preview your quote:  Once you have pressed save click on preview on the bottom left of the screen, this will download your quote.

To save your quote: Press save, this takes you back to the quote list.

Create a link for your quote

If you would like to text or email your customer with a link to their quote, click on “Actions” on your desktop or tap on the two green lines above the send icon on your mobile to select “Copy link”, this will copy into your device clipboard.

Send your quote by Whatsapp and Telegram

Available on Solo, Pro and Prime plans

If you would like to track if your client has read your quote, you can easily send your quote by Whatsapp or Telegram by ensuring your mobile number is in Company Settings and tap on the Whatsapp or Telegram icon.

Send your quote by email

Within Invoice & Quote Settings, set up a default email address so that you can always be sent a blind copy of your quotes.

Press send to bring up the email screen:

  • To: this will be pre-filled with the client details you entered when you added your client to Fiskl, this can be easily changed by editing the field. 
  • To add an additional email: Add a space at the end of the first email and add the new email address. 
  • Subject: Automatically filled with suggested text, again, this can be changed.
  • Message: Automatically pre-filled with suggested text, to personalise your message tap in message and edit or delete where appropriate.
  • Send: Press send to send your quote, your client will then receive an email which will appear in their inbox with your company name and will, by default, originate from email address.  The summary of the quote and the quote itself will be attached.

Available on Solo, Pro, Prime plans: Send a copy or blind copy by clicking on the cc and bcc links. Also, if you’d like to send your quote to multiple companies within your clients organisation, simply go to Clients from the main menu and add the email addresses.

Your clients can accept, reject or send you a direct message from Fiskl by simply clicking on the “View your quote” button within their email.

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