From within the invoice you can add the following:

Payment by Fiskl Payments, Stripe, Paypal, GoCardless or cash

If you are connected to Fiskl Payments or one of the other Payment Integrations (see Payment Integrations section for more information), the payment gateway will automatically appear giving your client the ability to pay by credit card or direct debit. If you prefer to be paid by another method, for example, cash, simply leave this field blank.

Payment Info

If you haven’t already saved your payment information in Company Settings then you can add your account details and payment terms here. It’s also possible to edit any information by just clicking in the field.


If you have saved any notes for your invoices then this will be automatically prefilled with the information you provided in Company Settings, if you haven’t, then by default “Thank you for your business” will appear in the notes field, both can be easily changed by clicking in the field.

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