As a business owner, there may be occasions when you receive income via different routes other than through invoicing, such as selling using online stores (eg Shopify or Etsy), over the counter sales, renting space or interest you’ve earned.

This can be easily recorded and categorised in Fiskl so you can provide your accountant with full details of all of your income and keep track of the money coming in.

If there are any fees incurred from your other income, these will be automatically added to your expenses.

Simply, follow these quick and easy steps:

From the main menu, select Other income

Other income relating to non revenue generated income (eg. interest earned)

  1. To create a new entry, tap on the green button on your mobile or start entering details at the top of your desktop screen.
  2. Select Account type – “Other income”.
  3. Select the relevant Income category, eg Dividend income.
  4. Enter the amount, if you’d like to change the currency click on the currency icon.
  5. You can add a description and attach a file from your device or cloud storage,
  6. Save your Other income and it will be automatically assigned a name.

Recording income relating to revenue generated sales (eg Service/Fee income)

  1. Select “Income” as your Account type, follow the same steps as above, there are just a few extra fields to complete for this type of income:
    • Name: This is the name you’d like to give your income.
    • Client: Tap to add or create a new client.
    • Included taxes: If there are taxes included, you can either add the total amount of tax in the field, or if there is more than one tax, click the “Included tax detail” to add the different amounts and assign the tax a name using your default tax list.
    • Fees: Add any fees incurred here and these will automatically be added as an expense in Fiskl.
  2. Click on Save to add to your Other income list.

Delete or duplicate your Other income

To delete your Other income entry, on IOS, swipe right, Android, swipe left or on Desktop click on the menu icon at the end of the row and select Delete.

To duplicate your entry, simply swipe left on your mobile or on Desktop click on the menu icon at the end of the row and select Duplicate. A duplicate form will appear, make any changes and save.

Filter your Other income

Looking for a particular entry? Tap on the filter icon, here you can filter by date, client, currency, user and select your “Sort by” preference.

Export your Other income

If you would like to export your other income, simply tap on the Export button to export your data into Excel or CSV.

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