Now you are all set, let’s have a quick look at where we’ve placed things in Fiskl so you can find your way round without any fuss.

  • Homescreen:  A handy overview of your company’s sales, invoices, expenses, your upcoming payments, tasks and events plus a lot more.
  • Sidebar: Menu which allows you to switch between different areas. To access this on your mobile simply tap on the Fiskl icon.
  • Quick create:  To quickly create new items, either tap on the plus button on your mobile homescreen or click on the plus next to the item.
  • Notifications: Provides useful reminders such as expected or overdue payments, recent Fiskl activity, along with new features or updates for Fiskl.
  • User button:  This can be found at the top right of the screen, it gives you quick access to the user menu for your preferences, help, knowledge base, terms of service and our privacy policy.  This menu is available throughout the rest of the app, by tapping on the 3 vertical green dots on the top right of the screen.

You can also access the User menu on your mobile by sliding from the right hand edge of the phone towards the centre, the menu will then appear.

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