If you are in a hurry, to save time you can log the time and carry out a quick save.  Your time is then stored so if you need to enter additional information you can do so at a later date.

From within the Time list:

  1. Select play to start the counter.
  2. When you’ve finished, select pause to stop the counter.
  3. If you’d like to round up your time, drag your finger down the time list and the time intervals will appear. Select the relevant button and your time will be automatically rounded up.
  4. Select “Log time” button, you will be prompted for the following:
    • Name: This is pre-filled with a name for quickness, but if you prefer, you can enter a name for your time eg project support.
    • Client:  In order for time item to be easily invoiced it’s important to add your client.  This field is pre-filled with the last client you used, however to change this, click on the down arrow, you can either select an existing client, use the plus button to create a new one (for more details on adding clients see client section in this guide) or if no client, simply choose none from the list.
    • Billing unit and rate:
      • This will be pre-filled using the hourly rate you used for your last quick log time entry, to change it, simply delete the number and enter the new one (mobile users: enter without decimal point eg. For £18.55 type 1855).
      • If you have a default time rate assigned to your client, once you have selected your client, their rate will be added automatically. See clients section for more details
      • It’s also possible to change the currency by clicking on the currency icon.
  5. Select “Quick save” button to save it to your Time list.

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