Invoicing is a quick and easy way to bill your clients either by using the information you’ve already entered in Fiskl or adding fresh information for example a new client, product/service or an item such as an expense. Fiskl automatically creates an invoice which you can send to your client by email, Whatsapp or Telegram.

Using Fiskl you can keep on top of your recurring invoices by scheduling automated recurring invoices, create a payment schedule so you get paid at the agreed intervals, switch between multiple brands and templates, change language or settings for your invoice plus a lot more. 

The invoice list screen is a great way to see all your invoices in one place along with key metrics displaying the status of your invoices along with helpful tips. You can fully customise your invoice list by choosing what data is displayed on your list.

Go to the Invoices menu on the sidebar to bring up the list of all your invoices.  From here you can easily view the total amount of invoices for last 365 days, view by invoice status, search, filter, view invoice, delete, send, export your invoices or create a new invoice.

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