Available on Pro and Prime plans

You can import your bank statements into money accounts for reconciliation and accounting.

  1. Visit your online banking website and download an electronic statement for your bank or credit card account in any of these file types: .qif .ofx .csv.
  2. From “Accounting” navigate to a money account either via “Transactions” or “Chart of Accounts”.
  3. Select your account, tap on more, and select “Import”.
  4. Tap on the plus button and select your import file from your device.
  5. You will see a preview of your file.
  6. For .qif .ofx all you need to do is select import. However, for csv imports, we will require a bit more help from you.

For CSV files follow the few quick steps below:

You can just select the grid on the right to make a row or column selection.

  1. Choose where your import begins by selecting the row on the preview or by entering the row number, press “Next”.
  2. Select the column to match the name field, press “Next”.
  3. Select the column to match to the amount field, enter your delimiter, for example, comma, full stop, if your income and expenses are in different columns, switch the toggle on to correctly import both, press “Next”.
  4. Select the column to match the date field. If we are unable to parse your date you can help us by telling us the date format, country, time zone and language. press “Next”.
  5. Select any columns which match “Note”, “ID” or “Category”. Press “Preview”.
  6. You’ll be taken to a preview of how your transactions will appear on the Chart of Accounts.
  7. Click import and your transactions will appear under your account within the Chart of Accounts.

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