Your client can easily pay you using their credit card or cash.

Pay by credit card

  • Once you have sent your invoice, your client will receive an email or notification with the invoice attached.
  • Your client opens the invoice and clicks on the relevant payment option above the invoice and is taken to a dialogue box requesting payment details.
  • Clients can change the payment amount should they wish to just pay a portion of the total amount owing.  The invoice will reflect the new totals.
  • You’ll then receive a notification in the notifications bar that your invoice has been paid along with email confirmation.
  • Your invoice is then automatically changed to Paid.

Pay by bank transfer

Using Fiskl Payments powered by Chase you can complete a bank transfer. When the customer receives the invoice they just click on the bank icon to pay.

Pay by cash or other method

If your client would like to pay using another method, ie cash, you can record the payment manually. Please see Record a payment section within this knowledge base.

Payments through Stripe and Fiskl Payments will automatically get recorded against your invoice and any fees will be saved individually within Expenses.

If you’d like to set up a Payment Schedule for your clients, within the invoice simply click on “Add payment schedule” or, on mobile, tap on the two green lines by the invoice total to pull up the “Add payment schedule” screen. When your client receives an invoice, they will be able to pay by the agreed instalments.

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