The homescreen is the first thing you’ll see when you sign into Fiskl.  It gives you a picture of your company’s finances, upcoming payments, outstanding invoices, expenses, upcoming tasks and events plus much more.

You can select a custom date range to view your graphs, simply select the calendar icon at the top of the screen and select the dates – these will remain the same until you press the calendar icon again to reset.

Your total sales graph

This depicts your total sales for the last 6 months, by tapping on the line of the graph above the month, you can see the total sales for that month.

Your day

This is your plan for the day. On initial sign in, you can add your first task by clicking the green action button. If you have tasks or events already scheduled, click on the green action button to review. 

Recent activity

Recent activity shows you when emails, invoices, quotes, payments have been sent or action taken and directly links back to the invoice or quote.

Your invoices status

This depicts a graph showing the total value of your invoices over the last 365 days along with a breakdown of Overdue, Outstanding, Paid and Open.

List of your invoices 

This shows the top 3 overdue or outstanding invoices along with the name of the invoice, invoice number, date and status.  To see all overdue invoices tap on “browse other overdue invoices”.

Easily send payment reminders by either clicking on “Send reminder” on the web, or using mobile, swipe left on the outstanding invoice.

Revenue and expenses

The revenue and expenses section displays the total revenue for your organisation.

It shows the total net figure (total sales minus expenses) for the last 6 months, with figures underneath for total revenue and total expenses for that period.

The graph depicts the revenue and expenses for the last six months, by tapping either of the lines on the graph above the month, you can see the relevant figure for that month.

Top expenses

The top expenses section displays the total expenditure over the last six months, along with a pie chart and breakdown of the top 6 expense categories for that period.

Upcoming invoices

The upcoming invoices section displays the total amount expected from upcoming invoices for the next 6 weeks.

The graph depicts the value of upcoming invoices per week, by tapping on the bar for any given week you can see the relevant figure for that week.

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