This section is for business owners or users with admin rights.

From within Company Settings its easy to add your general company information such as your logo and address details.

  • Company Logo: Your logo image will appear on all your documentation such as your invoices. If you didn’t add your logo when you signed up, you can insert your logo here by choosing a picture from your mobile or file from your desktop.
  • Name: This can either be your company name (or your own if you are self employed).  This field will already be pre-filled using information you entered on signing up, it can be easily edited from here if need be.
  • Business type: This will already be pre-filled as before, to change it,  delete the existing entry then click on the down arrow and select your business type.
  • Company email: This is the email you will use for all business transactions through Fiskl.
  • Company phone: This is your preferred contact number for all calls relating to your company.
  • Currency: This is the currency that you will use across the app. Again, this is prefilled, to change it, click on the down arrow and select your currency.
  • Address: To enter your address, simply type in the details in the relevant fields, for your country click the down arrow to select it.

If you’d like to save your changes at any time, on the web simply click anywhere in the menu and your changes will automatically be saved or press save on your mobile.

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