To save time, the information provided in Company Settings helps Fiskl to prefill many of the fields, you can add your company details including uploading your logo by going to the main menu and selecting Company Settings.

General Info 

Company Logo: Your logo image will appear on all your documentation such as your invoices.  As default, your company initials will be used, however you can add your own logo by clicking on the Initials, you’ll be prompted to take a picture if using your mobile or select an existing one from your gallery or desktop files.

Name: This can either be your company name (or your own if you are self employed).  This field will already be pre-filled using information you entered on signing up, it can be easily edited from here if need be.

Company email: This is the email you will use for all business transactions through Fiskl.

Company phone: This is your preferred contact number for all calls relating to your company.

Currency: This is the currency that you will use across the app.  Again, this is prefilled, to change it, click on the down arrow and select your currency.

Timezone: You can add the timezone for your companys country. If you would like to add the a different timezone for your device, go to Preferences within the User menu.

Industry: This will already be pre-filled as before, to change it, click on the down arrow and select your business type.



 To enter your address, tap on the small arrow on the right hand side, and enter your details. Tap on the back icon   to save and return to Company Settings.

To enter your address, simply type in the details in the relevant fields

Once your Company Settings are complete, press save at the top right corner on your mobile, or just exit from Company Settings on your desktop and your changes will be saved.

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