It’s easy to delete, duplicate, resend or create a link for your invoice.

From within the invoice


From the preview screen which is the last screen before sending your invoice, click on the two lines above the send button, a menu will appear enabling you to Duplicate the invoice, copy the invoice link so you can send the link via text or add a payment.

From within a saved invoice, click on “Actions” at the bottom of the screen, a menu will appear to enable you to duplicate your invoice or copy a link to your clipboard ready to send to your client by text or other methods.

From the invoice list


Swipe left, the following options will appear:

  • Duplicate: Creates a duplicate invoice.
  • Send: Sends the invoice.
  • More: Tap on “Copy link” to create a link to your invoice which you can share with your clients. Android users: Option to delete also appears.

Delete: IOS users: Swipe right to delete.

  1. Click on the 3 horizontal green dots next to the item for the following options:
  • Duplicate: Duplicates the invoice.
  • Download: Downloads the invoice.
  • Copy link: Creates a link to your invoice which you can share with your clients.
  • Send: Sends or re-sends the invoice.
  • Delete: Deletes your invoice.

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