Using the web, you can change taxes or remove multiple line items in one go from within the quote line items section of your quote. Tick the relevant checkboxes and select “bulk edit”:

  • To delete: Just click on “Delete from quote”
  • To change tax: Click on “Edit tax” for your pre-populated list (as per your company settings)
    • Select preferred tax, all the taxes in the selected lines will then be changed.
    • To create a new tax, click on the down arrow, a pop up box will appear, type the name of your new tax/VAT and the percentage. Press save, your new tax will be shown in your tax list going forwards. It will also be applied to all selected lines.
    • If you have set your invoice specific taxes to be compound or multiple then the pop up box will appear for you to make your changes.

Available using the web application.

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