Accounting is available on Pro and Prime plans.

From the first balance sheet screen, you can easily customize your Balance Sheet:

Date: Select a time period, eg This financial quarter, all dates reflect what you have saved as your default tax filing dates in Accounting Settings.
Compare: If you would like to find out how well you’re doing against your last quarter or financial year, click on “Compare” and select your preferred time periods, here you can see the differences in both money and percentage values.
Accrual/Cash: Your default accounting method will automatically be used, if you prefer to switch between Accrual or Cash simply select the toggle. Watch this FAQ video to find out more about Cash and Accrual accounting.
Summary/Detailed: Choose to present a summary of your Balance Sheet or a fully detailed one by switching the toggle.
Hide empty: Switch toggle on to hide any line items which are empty.
Divide by 1000: If you have large amounts you can divide these by 1000 to make it easier to read your report, simply switch toggle on.
Notes: Free text field to add any relevant notes.
Click on the line item to see detailed view.

Your balance sheet will automatically be date and time stamped.

Export your Balance Sheet

Export to Excel or PDF: Using your mobile, click on the export button at the top right of your screen to choose between .xls, .csv, .pdf formats. On the web, click on the print button to select .pdf format or export button for .xls.
Print: Click on the print button at the top right of your screen.

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