Create invoice and email templates for your company or multiple brands by going to “Templates & Brands” from the Fiskl main menu.

  1. Tap on the plus button to create a new template.
  2. Enter a template name and choose a theme.
  3. Tap “Fonts and colours” to make your invoice your own.
  4. Tap “Change brand for this template” to add your brand details and add your logo which you can resize using the slider.
  5. Tap “Attachments” to add documents or images to your template, these will be attached to every invoice you send for this brand.
  6. Tap “Write my own emails” to customise your own emails for sending invoice, overdue reminders, requests for deposits and partial payments. See “Create your own emails” section for more details.
  7. Tap “Additional display options”. Choose whether to show your company ID, Tax ID, add or remove the unit or quantity columns, mark your invoice as a Proforma invoice and choose whether or not you would like to display the invoice total in words
  8. Save your template to add it to your list of templates.

You can also change your template at invoice level by tapping the template name under your logo within the invoice. See invoices section for more details.

Edit a template: Click on the template to open and edit.

Swipe left on mobile or on web, click on the 3 menu dots for the following options:

  • Assign a default template: This will be applied to every invoice and email.
  • Delete a template
  • Create an invoice: Create an invoice directly from templates/brands.
  • View invoices: View all invoices assigned to this brand.

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