Available on Solo, Pro and Prime plans

Salt Edge, Fiskl’s third party connector, can help you to quickly connect Fiskl to your bank account. All accounts you set up will appear in the Banking section. You can set up multiple bank accounts with multiple currencies.

  • Tap on “Banking” in the main menu.
  • Tap on “Connect Bank”.
  • Enter your bank’s name, click here to see the list of banks Fiskl supports.
  • Enter your bank’s login credentials and tap on “Proceed”.
  • Tap “Confirm” to grant Salt Edge consent to access your bank data.
  • Salt Edge will begin connecting to your bank account

You’ll be taken back to your Bank Connections.

Saltedge has a user dashboard which can be accessed by https://www.saltedge.com/dashboard/sign_in. To access it for the first time you need to use the same email you’ve connected to Fiskl and click on “Forgot password” for Saltedge to generate a password, they will then send you details of how you can access the account.

We recommend checking your Bank Connections at least every 30 days so that you can re-authenticate your connection.

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